Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Friday, January 15, 2016

FcukTheWorld - The Boys are on FIRE!


New Music:
"Crime of the Century"

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 "Diamond and Pearls"
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Word In The Streets 12

Word In The Streets 12 (Streetz Fest & 420 Edition) 

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Chicago's Up&Coming Artist Dero G ( NOW ON WORLDSTAR )


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


About Joseph Clancy

I was born in Mayfair section of Northeast Philadelphia and grew up there along with the Torresdale section of the Northeast. I attended and graduated from Archbishop Ryan High School and Penn State Univeristy. I was heavily involved in sports growing up including basketball which is how I met the other owner of Famjuice, Kyle Lowry who is starting point guard for the Toronto Raptors and well known Villanova player. We played on the same AAU basketball team since we were 12 years old and Kyle and his family developed a relationship with my family (Clancy family) over that time. After a few years in the NBA Kyle approached us in 2011 about starting up some sort business venture. Kyle had wanted to involve himself in business outside of his career in the NBA. After long deliberation and research we decided to go into the refrigerated beverage market and formed the Clancy/Lowry ownership group. We brain stormed for a long while and tested different names but when we came up
With Famjuice, that name garnered the most reaction and for us meant a lot. During our time playing AAU basketball growing up, our teammates often referred to one another as FAM. It was a popular term just becoming a regular part of inner city lexicon and we loved it because our team was becoming like a second family to each individual player of which came from various and diverse backgrounds. The official launch of Famjuice was in June 1, 2012 and our foothold now reaches from Jersey City down to Baltimore with more cities planned for the near future. I am COO of Famjuice and am proud to be a part of this movement for not just our city, but inner cities everywhere.




Ryan Banks is a music artist/rapper born in North Philly right near Temple and went to high school in Vorhees, New Jersey. Ryan is an extremely unique artist who is able to reinvent himself regularly along with appeal to multiple markets. The majority of Ryan's career has been spent traveling the country where he has become well known for his high energy stage performances. Coming up in the late 90's and early 2000's in Philly he made his name as a battle rapper next to names such as Peedi Crakk, freeway, Beanie Siegel along with many others in which he has also made records with. After making his name in Philly,  he spent time and lived in Las Vegas, Houston, Atlanta, Washington DC and Baltimore where he had successful tracks on local radio and became a big draw for night clubs and music venues where he became well known for his free styling ability and being able to rap over any beat that most rappers would be intimidated to even attempt. Ryan has made it back to Philly recently to be in his hometown again and raise his beautiful new baby daughter Brielle. Ryan has reinvented himself once again and is concentrating much of his music towards rapping along with EDM dj's. Ryan is one of the first to concentrate his rap ability over EDM. We see rap and EDM merging together more and more and Ryan Banks was one of the first to start this trend. Ryan just performed alongside T Pain at Harrah's pool over the weekend and brought the house down. He also introduced his new single "Goose and Juice" which is and EDM beat that Ryan rhymes over that culminates into a song that brings the party to another level. Goose and juice is a reference that many of out customers have brought to our attention since they use the product often as a mixer so Ryan made a beat along with his sound engineer to that has a Turn Down For What type feel and Ryan put his lyrical stamp on it to come out with a song that's a banger. Ryan is an official FAMbassador for Famjuice and also is one of the directors of marketing for the product. Together he and I came up with our "Streets Stay Fresh" street clean up program in which we are very proud. The program consists of famjuice linking up with a local artist or athlete in which they choose a location that needs to be cleaned and we lead a community clean up for that selected area. So far we have participated with Peedi crakk, Spade o, Quilly Mills, Garci from Ape Gang Jazmin Sullivan and others who are signed up. It's a huge impact when the artists come to the neighborhoods and see them donating time and service. We often feel local artists are portrayed unfairly and "streets stay fresh" allows people to see the positive side that out local artists have and are willing to offer.



Monday, July 14, 2014

Comedian - Skat aka Gotchu

Skat - Gotchu

[ Who he is ]

Real name is Jose, but I go by the name of Skat since I was in the 4th grade. I just made the name up when I got into graff by in the days lol and it stuck wit me. Now that Im known from the gram the name "Gotchu" been taking over (I like it) anyway I was born n raised in north philly, Erie Ave, always been the class clown, went to Taylor, Roberto Clemente, Olney for 3yrs then graduated from Edison. I love playing ball, huge sixers, eagles fan. I created the Gotchuctfu page, and have been doing comedy skits for 8 months now.

Check out his skits on instagram and make sure to listen up on SUNDAY 3pm est. time for
more about this dude. He is def on the rise! We #Salute! 


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Project Sole Expressions - Calling all Fashionistas!

Are you a trendsetting fashionista? 
Do you know one? 

Project Sole Expressions caters to those trendsetting fashionistas who love their high heels. 

They specialize in trendy shoe decals that are placed on the soles of women's high heels.

Shoe decals are easy to apply and ship with simple directions. They are also removable. 
They are currently  priced at $6 and free shipping is available through out the month of July!
There are currently 3 designs available,  click here to shop Project Sole Expressions unique and trendy shoe decals. 

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beauty and makeup tips, giveaways, special offers and to learn of new decals.

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HATE IF YOU WANNA - Skrilla Skratch

25/8 Grind dnt stp - RADIO SHOW

25/8 Grind dnt stp
radio show
LIVE SUNDAYS 3-5pm est.


JULY 13th - Devoise & Tjay The Poet

DeVoise is a 23 years old.. He's an up and coming R&B artist/Songwriter.  Growing up in the streets of North Philadelphia (Erie Ave) DeVoise tries to capture the struggle and strengths of growing up in the hood in his music in a way his peers and even his rivals can understand. Coming from nothing he hopes to one day be on the top of everybody's list.

I am TJay The Poet from Philadelphia PA. I have been rapping / writing poetry since I was 5 years old in 2013 I released my first of 3 mixtapes first on 1/19 (My birthday) I released " Create Your Own Swag " then on June 1st I released my second mixtape had gained a larger following which I then began calling TeamTJay which rapidly grew after releasing my second tape on datpiff "1998: Swag Of A Poet". Then on July 4th I released my 3rd mixtape along with Philly artist Jag "The After Party". Throughout the whole summer I recorded my album Cairo Casanova in LA at The Boom Boom Room studio. There I recorded 10 songs in one day finishing the other four of fourteen in Philly. I dedicated the album to my grandmother who taught me how to rap I want to thank all of my supporters // my second album Cairo Casanova 2 was released : 6/29/14


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nisoel - Caught up in the Life EP

Nisoel - Caught up in the Life EP


New Music

Listen To Nisoel's Dunk In Love Free-Style Now Available On Sound Cloud.Just Click On Coming Soon Posters ! Thanks For Taking This Time out To Read And Listen To My Music.

Hope you All Enjoy,

      Listen To Money Baby "Free-Style"

By Yours Truly Nisoel Featuring,

Show Tizzy & Stigmata.
We Just Having Fun!!!!!!    

New Release From Blast Ft. Nisoel Now On Sound Cloud.
Download Nisoel's 2nd Single,Available For Purchase Via iTunes Store.
Download Right My Wrongs,Available For Purchase Via iTunes Store.

Copyright © 2014 Lsc Music Group/The Enigmaticz|, All rights reserved.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Dero G
presents the new video

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Or Nah" - Reyna Von Chase

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

VIDEO: "MY LIFE" - FcukTheWorld

Thursday, February 27, 2014

"She a Pro" - Documentary

Swift Star & ON SM@SH 
breaks down how the song 
"She A Pro" 
With Young Mel came about.

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