About Joseph Clancy

I was born in Mayfair section of Northeast Philadelphia and grew up there along with the Torresdale section of the Northeast. I attended and graduated from Archbishop Ryan High School and Penn State Univeristy. I was heavily involved in sports growing up including basketball which is how I met the other owner of Famjuice, Kyle Lowry who is starting point guard for the Toronto Raptors and well known Villanova player. We played on the same AAU basketball team since we were 12 years old and Kyle and his family developed a relationship with my family (Clancy family) over that time. After a few years in the NBA Kyle approached us in 2011 about starting up some sort business venture. Kyle had wanted to involve himself in business outside of his career in the NBA. After long deliberation and research we decided to go into the refrigerated beverage market and formed the Clancy/Lowry ownership group. We brain stormed for a long while and tested different names but when we came up
With Famjuice, that name garnered the most reaction and for us meant a lot. During our time playing AAU basketball growing up, our teammates often referred to one another as FAM. It was a popular term just becoming a regular part of inner city lexicon and we loved it because our team was becoming like a second family to each individual player of which came from various and diverse backgrounds. The official launch of Famjuice was in June 1, 2012 and our foothold now reaches from Jersey City down to Baltimore with more cities planned for the near future. I am COO of Famjuice and am proud to be a part of this movement for not just our city, but inner cities everywhere.