Comedian - Skat aka Gotchu


Skat - Gotchu

[ Who he is ]

Real name is Jose, but I go by the name of Skat since I was in the 4th grade. I just made the name up when I got into graff by in the days lol and it stuck wit me. Now that Im known from the gram the name "Gotchu" been taking over (I like it) anyway I was born n raised in north philly, Erie Ave, always been the class clown, went to Taylor, Roberto Clemente, Olney for 3yrs then graduated from Edison. I love playing ball, huge sixers, eagles fan. I created the Gotchuctfu page, and have been doing comedy skits for 8 months now.

Check out his skits on instagram and make sure to listen up on SUNDAY 3pm est. time for
more about this dude. He is def on the rise! We #Salute!