"Underdog" - Chance | CD Review

"Underdog" - Chance
CD Review
By: CEO of Krucial Conceptz

I took time to listen to Chance's new album "Underdog" today, and truly
rated each song for it's full value in my opinion.
This is what I had to say about each track & why.
Take a moment yourselves, to listen to this album.
Available Here: http://bit.ly/TQOvLM

1) Underdog Intro -> I like the combination between the two vocals used
on this to get the point acrossed about what you are in for
within the next songs to come over your speakers. Simple, to the point.

2) No Quitter -> The beat is simple laid down behind some lyrics that explain
the life of a person who been through a life that tried to hold them back.
A true anthem that I can see many able to relate to.

3) Wont Go -> His flow is on the beat 100. I enjoy this track because you can tell
how into the track he was on this one & his lyrical punches show proof.

4) Copy Me -> This is the joint you wanna listen to on repeat a few times as it hits real hard.
Lyrics are ones that others can be like "yeah that"s me!" type track.

5) Get it how you gotta -> This beat is sick. The collabo with ADF was done perfectly. 
late night drive blasting this track with definately put you in the zone. Real Fellas will relate.

6) Interlude 1 -> Snippet of a wise man letting you get back into the zone
of where the artist is trying to take you. setting you up for the next few tracks ahead.

7) My Life -> This track is a soft one that gets you moving your head around
and catchy lyrics that will stick inside your head. This is the artist letting you
know exactly who he is and that he is here to stay. He wants you to see his life 
through his words.

8) On Fire -> A nice banga with a dope beat & a hook too crazy. 100% one of those 
club type tracks you can throw up ya hands & enjoy the vibe surrounded around you.

9) Love it -> A quick flowed song with an intense chorus that will have you viben with your
loved one no matter what is going on. This is one for the lovers to listen & relate.

10) Weekend Love -> Fire track hitting those late night hour lyrics. Sensual but 
right on point with the beat & easy to lay back, chill and get zoned with someone special.

11) Interlude 2 -> The vocals used give you a deeper insight on what this artist's message truly is

12) Stand Out -> Title speaks for itself & he made sure you knew it.
Loving the beat as it keeps ya head nodding & truly feeling the
bold lyrics this artist spits. 

13) Look at me -> this track let's you recap everything about this artist he has been saying
through the whole album & he lets you know he will be back. and assured that he has gotten
his emotions acrossed very well inside this compilation.




"Underdog" - Chance | CD Review "Underdog" - Chance | CD Review Reviewed by KrucialConceptz on 6:40 PM Rating: 5
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