[ Exclusive Interview ] with Recording Artist Wezzy

Introducing to the spot Blak Magik's Artist, Wezzy.
This artist has alot of adrenaline to take the spotlight & not let go.
His music shows his true talent & the fact that he is destined for greatness.
Make sure to check out the interview, then head over to his links
and follow his journey. 

In his interview, we discuss his style of music, 
inspirations & what is next for him.
His answers will show you how down to earth
and real he is and that is what we love about him!

This is one talented guy we know who will
continue to do nothing but rise, so make sure to
keep in his circle. Music that will take you by surprise & definitely 
keep your interest! We show mad love to him!

Exclusive Interview brought to you 
by Starr of Krucial Conceptz

Where did your stage name come from?
It's simply a spin-off from my surname "Wesnes". Growing up, the majority of rappers around me chose to use aggressive sounding names which I always thought was pretty cheesy & misleading. Plus, that's not what I'm about. I'm me. 

Tell us a little basic info about yourself.
I've been writing lyrics for about 6 years & freestyling for about 8 years. I was a shy, quiet kid with a lot going on inside my head, lyricism gave me some crazy confidence that even i didn't know I had. As soon as the beat dropped, a switch flicked in my brain & the real me came out, my inner freak lol. I guess back in the day I could have been labelled a misfit. i used music as a form of escapism & I still do.

Name someone who influenced you to became an artist and why.
There's no way I could just name one artist! the list goes on & on. But off the top as cliché as it may sound I'm gonna have to say old school Eminem. The Slim Shady LP was the first album I ever listened to & I just feel like i can relate to him.  He simply gives no fxcks & i respect that. Plus his lyricism is better than 99% of all rappers & anyone that knows me knows I'm super anal when it comes to lyricism.

What is your favorite song/project you have done so far and why that one?
`My favourite song is "Midnight Riot" (Track 5 on Freak Show) because I feel it represents what I stand for the most. There's an underlying conciece message behind the lyrics of the song. I'm really into concise thinking but i hate preaching! I think I got the balance right with that song. Project wise, my biggest achievement is my mixtape, Freak Show (free download @ www.blakmagik.com). It's all about individuality, the music speaks for itself. download it & find out.

What does "music" mean to you?
Cheesy as it sounds, it means everything to me. The thing about music is that no matter what mood you're in there's always a song to suit the vibe & it does more to your brain/soul than you could ever understand. It's the only thing that keeps me sane.. kinda. 

    So far in this business, what has been the best thing to happen?
Releasing my debut mixtape "Freak Show"! I spent ages putting it together, I had no one behind me, pushing me or telling me what to do so it was all on me & my sound engineer Anonymous. It is the first achievement that I can truly say I'm proud of. Plus, I had no idea it was going to have such a massive reaction. It's weird, I get people coming up to me almost on a daily basis saying that they like my music & what I stand for. Seriously, that humbles me & inspires me to work even harder.

    Who is someone famous you would like to work with someday?
Kano. I think our styles would compliment each other well.

    Do you write your own music or have a team?
Haaahahaa of course i write my own shit! fuck a ghost writer!

    Whats the next move for your career?
I'm planning on releasing a joint E.P. with my partner in rhyme Sami Switch within the next few months while simultaneously making music videos & doing freestyles.

    Have you done any performances? If so, tell me what does it feel like on stage?
I've performed spoken word at Brighton Fringe Festival. It feels dope connecting with so many people at one time, its almost addictive. I just want to do show after show & get people hype! Chaos, moshpits, all that shit! I'm supporting Sami Switch on the 13th October at White House in Clapham. I'm mad excited. I advise anyone & everyone to come down.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Being an established artist in the music industry, leading a revolution of real music. Rich or broke.

    Is there any quote you live by & if so, what is it?
Normal is what you make it.

    Describe yourself in 3 words.
Articulate, perfectionist, weirdo.

Final Words:

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