Dynamite Talent from Chance - He is Back!

Exclusive Interview with artist Chance 
[ Welcome back to the music scene!! ]

Let me get straight to the point, this is an amazing artist & promise you will love
the words he had to share with us. His music is a definition of who he is. His talent is
not limited to just music; also being an actor is apart of his daily life as well.
Take a moment to learn more about who he is and check out his work!
I bet you seen him before & didn't even know it! 

Now that you are back making music, tell us how does it feel?
       It Feels Amazing I Always Been Working On It , Never Really Left. Honestly I Been Working On The New Cd My First Itunes 
        project #Underdog. Recorded It All In My Dte Studios As Opposed To Rmg Studios . Felt Great. Becoming More Than Just 
        A Rapper, Learning The Engineer Side.

Explain about the new movement & new look of Chance. 
       Its Still Rmg But I Wanted To Take A More Solo Approach Push My Dte Side A Lil Harder. I Wanted More Hands On Less Imput
      Not A Bad Thing I Just Wanted To Have More Creative Control This Time Around Show Who I Am . More Of A Prove Myself
      Kinda Attitude. Being Competitive But Not As Direct With My Crew. As Far As The New Look. I Cut My Locks Off Felt It Was Time
      For A Change . I Feel Like Everyone Has Them Now Its No Longer Unique Like It Once Was. So Now We Rocking The Enrique     Iglesisas 
    Look (Lol)  

Give us a brief description of what you are excited about most this time around.
   I Think Im Excited About The Creative Control This Time Around. Not To Say I Never Had It Jowe Bleaze Always Let Me Be Me.
     But You Know When Your Directly Under The Label They Like To Say What Should Go And Shouldnt . They Are Listening
     And Judging A Lil Different. They Kinda Are Thinking Of What They Would Do And How They Feel The Audience Will Perceive What
     I Will Do And Bring.  So With Me Being All Hands On I Made The Music Submitted It Like This Is What I Want And Am Doing
     And Pretty Much Final . I Mean I Still Listened To Bleaze Some Tracks Didnt Make It And He Arranged The Order And Final Mixed
     It So It Wasnt 100 Percent Solo But I Was Pretty Much In Total Control Of My Project. 

What can we look for next from you as an artist?
 I Think Building My Brand. Not Just Dte But Chance As A Artist On Rmg.  You Need To See Me Doing Things Ive Always Done
    But I Was More Clear. Ill Be Doing More Photo Shoots , More Videos , More Promo . I Participate In Charities For Autism , Cancer
    And Other Things. I Plan To Be More Vocal And Visual With It. Im More Than Music. I Believe If You Have A Voice Use It For 
    The Right Thing.
Is there any big shows or performances we can catch you at in the future?
  Yea Def . Rmg Is Still Expanding . And We Are A Independent Company So We Still Are Trying To Figure Out The Best Things
     To Do As A Company. So Venues And Concerts Are A Must But It Has To Make Sense. We Want To Improve The Brand
     Not Damage It. The Wrong Venue Or Concert Performed At The Wrong Place Could Send You Backwards. I Also Plan On Doing A 
     Benefits Concert Where Half The Proceeds Will Go To Autism . So It Will Be Amazing. Cant Wait.

How has the acting been going for you so far?
  I Kinda Took A Step Back From That. I Plan To Pick It Back Up And Resume It Later. I Just Been More Focused On Training My Body , Getting In Shape, And Working On My New Music. Thats Been The Major Focus. Acting Really Isnt . Its Always Been Music

Whom in the industry would you like to work with next?
  I Think Its Always Been The Same, From A Rappers View It Would Be Eminem , Kanye , Joe Budden , T.I , Jeezy . Singers Would Be Neyo , Enrique , R. Kelly Of Course , Maybe Trey , Jason Mraz , Adam From Maroon 5 , Producers Still Be Bleaze , Kanye,
   Dre, No Id , Cool And Dre , Jermaine Dupri , And With The Right Song Just Blaze.

Is there anything you would like us to know about you that we don't already know?
  I Think You Already Know The Basic Blueprint Of Me , Im Driven , Dont Quit Attitude. My Music Is Me Real , Honest , And Unique
     I Give You What Most Ppl Wont, I Dont Do It Cuz Its A Fad Or Cuz Its Popular . I Do It Because It Feels Right , Its Honest
    And I Believe You Can Relate To It. At The End Of The Day I Wanna Make Your Day Better , Help You Get Thru Your Pain With My 
    Music . Whether Its 5 Ppl Or 5 Million Ppl . As Long As Im Touching And Changing Some Bodies Life. Im Doing What I Wanted. 

Last Words.
Same As Always , Id Love To Thank The Gods For Keeping Me Here And Safe, Love To Thank My Family For Supporting , Its Still
    R.M.G "Who You Wit" . Dte My Family Will Be Seen Soon . Of Course The Fans For Rocking With Me From Day One To Now
   We Growing And I See Ya And Appreciate It . You Love Good Real Music Then This Is The Place. Krucial Conceptz As Always 
   Always Professional Always Top Notch With What You Do . Best In The Game. Lastly To My Fans . " It's Ok To Dream . If 
   You Never Had A Dream Then Why Would You Get Out Of Bed If Not To Chase It."  

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