Introducing Shaun ESKO [ Interview ]

Introducing an artist with alot of motivation in his heart,
Shaun Esko. Check out the interview to find out more about who he is and
the reasoning behind his music. Also listen to his music & don't forget to 
look at his official website.
We salute this artist & wish him the best of success!

So tell me, where did the name Esko come from? 

Honestly it just popped in my head one night. I thought it sounded good so I added it to part of my name Shaun ESKO.

Let us know a little bit about yourself and where you are from.
Well I love long walks on the beach...haha I'm just b'sing. I'm a man with very ambitious dreams.  I don't believe in limitations thats the new philosphy I live by.  I'm big on entertainment, I enjoy good movies, music, tv shows and games in my free time.   But i'm from Michigan, the glove the mitten.  

What inspired you to get involved with music?
I love this question because I don't have just one answer or explanation.  But  I just remember the way music made me feel as a kid, it would always move me.  It's powerful.  I was blessed with certain skills and I was always writing things when I was younger.  People would always tell me I was creative so it just came together.  I knew I could do it so I just started writing to instrumentals and recording.    

Is there any artists you looked up to growing up and why?
Pac. My sister bought me my first Pac CD when I was little.  I was instantly a fan although I didn't understand everything he was speaking about until I got older.  Dude was an activist, actor, and overall a caring human being.  When you listen to his music you could hear the pain, his concern and lyrical ability.  His music always had a message.  He set the blue print for a lot of musicians. He was a great talent.

How has being an artist effected your life?
I think I have been able to experience more things than the average person.  Getting up on that stage and performing in front of people is the biggest adrenaline rush.  I have been able to meet a lot of other creative people that I never would of  had the chance to make if I wasn't making music.  I have a lot of fun doing what I do.  I wouldn't change that for the world.

What was the best thing so far that has happened to you with your career?
I have a lot more work to do so I can't exactly say or pinpoint that event just yet.  

What are your goals for the next few years?
I want to firmly establish myself and my brand.  When people here the name "Shaun ESKO" I want them to associate that with great music. I plan on putting out a few projects in the next year alone.  

Do you write you own material or do you have a team?
I'm an emcee 100% of my material comes from me.  

Who are some people in the industry you would like to work with someday?
Whoever is dope and works hard.  

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?
I got Welcome 2 Illantis the Deluxe Edition coming out soon.  It's a project for everybody who supported me and have been apart of the movement since day one.  I got a surprise as part of the Deluxe Edition so be sure to check the site.   After that drops I'm going to turn it up a notch after that with another project.  We may put out something right after iLLantis drops it's going to sound completely different but in a good way of course.  (Laughs) Yall haven't seen nothing yet.  I promise I'm just warming up.

What message do you try to send fans with your music?
Just that it's ok to have fun and still move toward your goals.  It's about a balance.  That's what I do in my music, it's not one dimensional.   Don't limit yourself in any way shape or form.  Go hard!

Final words/Shout outs -
Shout out to everyone who has been holding me down out there.  I love the support.  I appreciate it all.  We are going to keep moving we still have a lot of work to do.


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