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Where did your stage name come from? 
I name myself Classic after learning about the renaissance period of Classical music. I wanted that type of feel with my music that would last for time to come. 

Tell us a little basic info about yourself. 
I'm a lover of all types of music genres. My new project No Cover will turn heads. I'm Michigan born but the world raised me. Lived in Germany for six years. I'm in love with the overseas scene and how the fans over there gravitate to hip hop. 

Name someone who influenced you to became an artist and why. 
Nas influenced me a great deal growing up. His way in portraying his message through his lyrics are remarkable and similar to how I try to rely my message as far as thought process and delivery. 

What is your favorite song/project you have done so far
and why that one? 
It's hard to say what is my favorite song I've ever done because the songs I make are not just songs but have special meaning to my life. Currently "So Do He" off my soon to be released mixtape titled No Cover is my favorite song and No Cover is my favorite project it's the most complete.

What does "music" mean to you? 
Music means expression and life to me. 
Without it a part of me would be dead.

    So far in this business, what has been the best thing to happen? Meeting artist that fans look up to and to hear those artist give me pointers and praise my work by far has been the best thing that has happened to me, because it provided me the stamp of approval knowing I'm headed in the right direction. Also the business tips that have been shared for other artist has lead me in the right direction faster.

    Who is someone famous you would like to work with someday? 
I would like to work with a lot of successful artist, however Nas would be at the top of the list.

    Do you write your own music or have a team? 
I've always wrote my on music, I've also wrote music for others. I'm from an era where rapping someone else's lyrics showed a sign of weakness as an overall artist, not saying nothing's wrong with it on the business end. However on the overall evaluation of a good or great emcee originality is a key ingredient to being considered one of the greats.

Any projects coming up for you? 
No Cover!! Should be dropped by December 2012. This one is going to be special for true hip hop lovers world wide. Stay tuned!

    Final words.
Shout out to Krucial Conceptz for having me here. Most of all music lovers that pay attention to that real hip hop. This one is for you! 
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