Interview with Business Entrepanuer Melanie Zopf

A woman in the business world, who has everything possible to offer.
She is one top notch Entrepanuer we want to introduce to you,
and get familiar with her companies. All contact links are below, but firstly,
take a moment to read about her Entertainment Marketing group, her Shoe company 
& the Adult Online Shop. Talk about a variety! And it that isn't the half of it, she is a model too! 
We say:
"You truly represent independent women & show that anything can be done.
You go girl!"
Much success & more is what we wish for this amazing woman!

-Starr, CEO of Krucial Conceptz

 What is your name and what type of businesses are you involved with?

Melanie Zopf and I am President and CEO of Skyline Entertainment Group, The Mean Shoe Game and Sweet Cherry Pie.  I also do modeling.

       How long have you been CEO of Skyline Entertainment Group and how did that come about?

I have been President & CEO of Skyline Entertainment Group since I started the company in 2009.  I have always had an interest in music and would often provide guidance and advice to friends that were artists.  I was constantly listing to music and showing people how to market it and develop themselves.  Because of this, Skyline Entertainment Group was born.

       Give us a brief description of what the company deals with.

Skyline deals with the business end of the music business.  We provide a large list of services (which are listed on our website), everything from website building to music distribution on iTunes, artist development, press releases & write ups, marketing and promotion to radio play campaigns.

       How can someone get in contact with you if they are interested in working with you?

You can contact us by email, myself directly on twitter @MissMellyZ, or through our website

It should also be said that we can work within the artist’s budget to put together a plan to best suit their needs.

       What inspired you to start the shoe company, The Mean Shoe Game?

I started the shoe company as a way for people to buy hot urban fashion at reasonable places from the convenience of their homes. 

       What do you think differs from your company and other online shoe stores?

I think the fact that we have hot items at reasonable prices is defiantly something that sets us apart.  Our selection is more up to date with current trends and we are constantly adding new products, all features that our customers have indicated are important to them.

       Does your site cater to men and women? Explain.

Our site caters to men, women and children.  We carry shoes, hats & clothing for kids, men and women.  We feel that a good deal should be made available to everyone.

       Do you plan to expand into actual stores or just stay online based?

Because this venture is relatively new, we are only online at the moment.  That being said, we are able to service clientele worldwide via the internet and depending on the successes of our first year, may look to open a few physical store locations in the New Year.

       With the Adult Store, Sweet Cherry Pie, what made you open it?

Sweet Cherry Pie was a business opportunity that presented itself to me and that I took off and ran with.  I liked the fact that I was able to have access to a large line of products from reputable manufacturers in the industry that I could offer to customers in one place.

  Can give us a little information about the company?

Sweet Cherry Pie is an 18+ Adult Store which caters to both men and women.

   What types of products are sold on the site?

There are over 5,000 items available on the site.  We carry everything from adult toys, dvds, fetish products, oils & lotions to wigs, lingerie, heels & footwear.  There is something for everyone.

   What are your goals for this company? 

To develop the company and brand as a main contender for adult products on a world-wide basis.  Currently we are able to service clientele in the United States, Canada and some countries globally.  We want to expand our reach.

   On a personal note, what are your goals for the near future?

For the near future, I want to continue to grow and expand myself as a corporation, taking on new ventures and opportunities as they present themselves.

   Do you plan to continue all of these companies?

Of course I plan to continue all of these companies.  I have a vast array of companies that branch into many different areas.  Music, fashion and entertainment.  All of these ventures are important to me and I would like to see them continue to grow and succeed.

   Are you in the plans of anything else new?

I am always working on new things.  I have a few opportunities that I am looking into.  Musically Skyline has a number of projects under way.  We will be assisting with Manifesto again this year, which is exciting and releasing new material from several of our clients.

The Mean Shoe Game’s website is still being updated and we hope to have this completed by the end of September.  We have created a facebook page for the site, where customers and friends can stay in the know about new products, specials and promotions.  You can also shop via the facebook page.  We also encourage everyone to follow us on twitter @themeanshoegame as well.

Sweet Cherry Pie has also joined the twitter world and we can be reached at @SCherryPie, but please remember that due to the nature of our content we are an 18+ account.  We have a daily deal feature that was just added to our site which offers various products at extreme specials daily.  We are also looking to appear at the “Everything About Sex Show” in Toronto, Ontario Canada this year, stay tuned for all the details.

For all of our sites, I would encourage you to stay in the know.  Follow us on twitter, facebook and of course, join our mailing lists.

   Is there any quote or saying, that you live by or you feel that inspires you?

Never a failure, always a lesson is something that I live by. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I appreciate all of my failures because it makes my successes that much more enjoyable.

   What would be 3 words used to describe yourself?

Three words that I would use to describe myself would be ambitious, focused and driven.

    Any last words you would like to leave in closing of this interview?

I just want to say thank you to Starr and the whole team at Krucial Conceptz.  You guys do a great job and we are pleased to be working with you.  We look forward to much success together!


Skyline Entertainment Group 

The Mean Shoe Game
Twitter: @themeanshoegame

Sweet Cherry Pie
Twitter:  SCherryPie

Melanie's Twitter: @MissMellyZ

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