Lethal Tha Curser : Hip Hops Hottest

Meet the man behind Hip Hops Hottest Underground music:
Lethal Tha Curser.
His music really stands out from the rest and we suggest that you check it out today.
Lethal has a strong passion for his music beliefs and his music speaks for itself.

We had time to interview him and take a look at how it went down!

Tell us a brief bio about yourself & your music.
 I go by Lethal Tha Curser from Chicago. I been rapping since 1993 and producing since 1999

What inspired you to become an artist? 
I'm a 80s baby so I came up in the good era of Hip-Hop. My mother and stepfather used to play NWA LL Cool J Slick Rick Epmd so I fell in love with the music and became a music head. Its too many good artist to name. I tell you one thing, I used to just discover music and try to keep up with the artist. Prime example one of my favorite songs of all time is Gang Starr Mass Appeal. I loved what G.U.R.U and DJ Premier brought to the culture with that track and countless others. I loved 2pac versatility and Biggie street stories. I cant forget Krs One (the teacher).

What goals do you have for your music career? 
I want to make music from the heart. You get to hear where my head is on alot of my tracks. I got alot of material that will surprise many people. I'm very versatile that's something my stepfather instilled in me. I would like to get my record label , McCurser Music Group LLC, off the ground. I want to sign the hidden gems from chicago and let them have a impact on a niche market. I also would like to get into writing and producing different genres of music. I dont want to rap forever.

If you could work with someone famous in the industry, who would it be and why?
 I would love to work with Juicy J DJ Paul Project Pat (Three 6 Mafia) because I been a fan for years. A track with Nas would bring out some good music for the people to enjoy. I would like to work with some legendary producers like Dr Dre Pete Rock and DJ Premier. I think working with Slaughterhouse and The Lox would be dope. My list is long. I would do a verse with anyone no matter the genre. I never want to limit myself.

What projects are you currently working on? 
My underground collective Curser Chronicles is out now. I am working on my Nelly Krueger Mixtape drop August. My LP Bipolar Project will be out this year.

What are your top 3 songs? 
I would say These three songs off Curser Chronicles one track Cocky the other two would be let the pen talk and Home Invasion.

Besides this talent, what do you do for fun? any hobbies? 
I listen to music and watch CNBC to stay up to date on business trends and the best ways to manage finances. Im a basketball fan. Go Bulls Get well soon D Rose

In conclusion, what do you want people to know most about you?
Im a man of integrity. I always be myself and I am wise.


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