How to Submit your Music

Submit music to this email only:

-Title of the email should be: Music Submission
*this is best if you would like a faster reply from us

-Make sure to include quality music
*include Mp3 as attached for preview
& link to the song where it can be downloaded

-Include your social network links
*twitter,facebook, reverb, official website,etc

-Include photo of yourself & any cover art
for your music you have attached
*this is what will be used for the feature if accepted

Must Note:
*By submitting your music to us, you are automatically giving us permission to publish the content.
*Music submissions should only be made weekly as we get tons of mail,
however everything is reviewed.
*Please make sure the music is your own.
*Please remember not all music will be accepted for features,
however we do email back with information always.

How to Submit your Project

-Title of the email should be: Project
*this is best if you would like a faster reply from us

-Make sure to include your business proposal
*include detailed information about what you are
trying to do, whether it be wanting us to help with 
a website or a new movement, or negotiations
of cross promotion,etc

-Include your social network links
*twitter,facebook, reverb, official website,etc

-Include Promotions Info:
Explain to us what your role would be and what
you would like our role to be with this project.

*We will reply back to your email as soon as we can.
So just be patient as we get tons of mail daily.

We also accept:

Model Portfolios 
*We deal one on one with exclusive model agencies & can help with placements.

New Company - Online Exposure Needs
*We can help get everything started and up & running for a new company. From websites, to social networks & promotions. We can help market everything for you. One stop for it all!

Producer Marketing
*We can help with getting your beats to the artists,
your music pages more traffic & connect u with projects in need of your services.

Random Services
*There is no limit to what we will do and help with.
So even if you think it may be out of the way or
 not what we can do for you, email us anyways!

Krucial Conceptz is always looking to expand our
promotions to more fan base and our marketing to as many
out looks as possible!

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Radio Show Submissions

MUSIC ARTISTS Submit your tracks to :

For interviews, streaming and promotion, link with Officially Certified Radio So be sure to get your tracks in ASAP!