LilTCreations [ Dedicated Designer with Passion for Art ]

Krucial Conceptz has worked one on one with
Lil T Creations for more than a year now. 
We are proud of how far his company has come.
His artwork surely does speak for itself with quality. 
He is one of those who
dedicates his time to his passion, and 
delivers the results that are perfect for all 
kinds of projects & online needs. 
Check him out today!

Tell us a brief bio about yourself 
& your design company.

23 years old.  Oldest of 3 (1 brother 1 sister) Born somewhere in Germany (parents were in the army) docs said I'd never make it to see it this far. Been doing graphics for about a year and half. Learned a lot from youtube videos and trial and error.  I only see myself getting better

What inspired you to start graphic design work?
A school friend and boredom and once my mom said she was proud I knew I couldn't stop.

What goals do you have for your graphic work?
I'd like to maybe do logos for companies or have clothing with my designs on em. Maybe even have my designs printed n framed hanging in a museum, school, etc. If my work could reach someone all over the world that would be a blessing. I just wanna show people that no matter what the situation is you can overcome it.

If you could work with someone famous, 
who would it be and why?
It would probably be T.I. Because he was one of the first sample covers I did when I knew nothing about design.

What projects do you enjoy working on most?
Either flyer designs or wallpapers for desktops

What other types of projects are you involved in?
No other projects as of now trying to master one thing at a time but I have a lot that I would like to do

Besides this talent, what do you do for fun?
 any hobbies?
Youtube, recently got on instagram (@mreditz), trying to learn how to make beats but I refuse to call myself a producer (much respect to all music producers) I draw, I like food, I also like meeting new people life inspires me when I can't think of something to edit.

In conclusion, what do you 
want people to know most about you?
I started from the bottom and worked hard to get to where I'm at and theres nothing to big for you if you dream big.



LilTCreations [ Dedicated Designer with Passion for Art ] LilTCreations [ Dedicated Designer with Passion for Art ] Reviewed by KrucialConceptz on 12:40 AM Rating: 5
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