LA Blush [ Makeup is a Girls Best Friend ] Website

LA Blush is an online blog created by Zarahi, 
an amazing makeup artist & all around
perfect girl! 

We absolutely love this blog because it reaches 
out to women letting them know about
good looks for all seasons. 

Zarahi shares her personal tips on everything girly.
She also helps them see that not everything has to be so expensive.
From bargains to big bucks, this is everything for GIRL POWER!

Tell us a brief bio about yourself & your website.
My name is Zarahi, makeup and helping others, my passion, with LA Blush, I am able to do both and its an amazing feeling.
LA Blush is everything from product reviews to tips and ideas.

How does it feel to be a blogger to many of women?
      It is a great feeling knowing that I can help other women out, with questions and tips, I love seeing women looking their best
      & knowing that I helped makes me even happier.

What are your goals for your website ?
      My goal is to be able to help women achieve their best looks, and get to know different products.

If you could meet and work with anyone, 
who would it be and why?
      If I could meet anyone and work with them it would have to be Jerrod Blandino (co-founder of Too faced)
      I would love to pick at his brain, his creativity, business mind.

Besides running your website, 
what do you do for fun? any hobbies?
   At the moment I’m all about cooking & baking, I don’t know why, but I’m really enjoying it, besides that spending time with
   Friends & family (they always come first) and sketching, I picked up the pencil & paper again. Of course shopping, who doesn’t love
   Some retail therapy.

In conclusion, what do you want people 
to know most about you?
      I love helping people & hope that with LA Blush I am able to do that & more.

The woman behind the blog!


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