Back on the Scene: Thaahum has it all!

Krucial Conceptz is proud to announce one of our favorite
artists is back on the scene! Thaahum was with us from the start
and so glad to see his work progress & his music is still amazing!
We had a chance to catch up with him & get the insider on his projects!
Take a read and show respect by checking him out!

Tell us a brief bio about your music.
 I'd like to say my music isn't the typical Hip Hop you hear nowadays.  My music touches on a lot of different topics in ways others haven't heard before.  It's more solution oriented and sparks thought in the listener, and then lets them decide on their own.  At the same time it's still fun to listen to; the perfect combination of great beats and lyrics.

What is your current project?
        The current EP I'm working on is called "Monsters Ball."  It originally was just going to be a collection of a few singles that didn't really have a place in my more motivational "Inspiration on Fire" series.  But the it grew into a mind of it's own and I started adding more tracks to it.  It's like a musical journey in the conscious mind that tells it's own story.  In the title track "Monsters Ball" I address some of the so called Hip Hop conspiracies out there, and attempt to have the listener focus more on themselves as opposed to what someone else is doing.  
Besides that I'm also working on putting together song singles for my daughter Nekaybaw as well.  She likes to sing and write music as well, and put out an EP called "Takes on the Nation" ( last year that was a great success for her.

How has your career changed over the years?
         Honestly, I feel the overall goal in my career has been the same; to use really good beats (even radio sounding at times) matched with a lyrical flow to bridge the gap between underscored and mainstream Hip Hop.  It's really rewarding to see that come into fruition.  Last year I had my songs in the Showtime series "Look," which can now be seen on  It felt a bit surreal to hear my thought provoking material make it on a mainstream project. In the beginning of my career I was against doing a song that sounded too commercial, but now I see the importance of it, and how it shows diversity as a writer.  To be able to write something of any style to any beat shows the craftsmanship of a true writer.

What has been the best production 
you have done so far?
          I would have to say it's a tie between my Inspiration on Fire series and this current Monsters Ball EP.  What made Inspiration on Fire so amazing is that I created a Hip Hop mixtape on the Law of Attraction, if you will.  I edited interviews I did with writers I respected and mixed them with tracks I wrote on similar topics.  The project was more about the message than myself. and it really shows in the work. Now I like this Monsters Ball EP because of how carefully I'm thinking everything out for it.  They are not just regular songs-they all tell a story meant to reflect the greatest aspects of the listener back to them.  Also I'm working with some really talented people for this project; I collaborated with NY artist Soul Khan on a song, and also have some of my production done by producer/engineer Mike Chav, who's worked with Jay Electronica and currently Erykah Badu on her Cannabinoids project.

Tell us about an average day for you.
          Well since I currently have a 9 to 5, I go to the studio on the weekends.  But during the week that's when I'm writing and planning out how to promote my material.  Really any serious indie artist should look at their music as a second job.  I take my art very seriously and am grateful my day job is the vehicle I can pay for production with.

When I say MUSIC, tell me what comes to mind first.
     The root word of music, "MUSE."   Muse means a source of inspiration and that's what music should be.  No matter what genre or style within the genre it should always touch our soul and inspire us to do something better in life.

Besides music, what do you do for fun? any hobbies?
           Reading, going to movies & spending time with my daughter.   I really enjoy traveling and doing anything that expands my horizons.

What inspires you with your music?
          Life.  Whenever I hear or experience something that inspires me, I'll usually want to write about it and put in in a song.  Also if I hear a song and feel like the writer could have gone deeper with the topic, I'll write my own original song and put my own angle on it. 

If you could relive any moment in your life, 
what would it be and why?
  I really wouldn't want to re-live any moment because each moment taught me the lessons I needed to the me who I am today. If anything I'd like to experience new things with the new understanding I have now.

In conclusion, what do you want 
people to remember most about you?
            Musically I'd like to be remembered as one whose music always helped people in every way possible.  One whose music was a breath of fresh air to the over bombardment of negative images portrayed in music at that time.  Personally, I'd like to be remembered as one who always sought to improve himself, and help enhance the life of those around him.


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