Man of many talents Scoobie | Artist & CEO

Interview with Christopher Jones 
Artist (known as Scoobie)
 & CEO of Team Diva Models
by Starr of Krucial Conceptz

Tell us a brief bio about yourself & your music.
Born Christopher G. Jones I've always had a passion for music, I started making Music in my young teens with the nicknames CJ King, High Top Bass & now Scoobie. My music has been getting excellent reviews from DefJam Street Miami, King Magazine, Making It Magazine, Southern Coalition Movement & Hip Hop Group "Do Or Die. I rap, produce, write, sing & arrange good music,

What inspired you to become an artist?
I guess what or who inspired me was the late great Michael Jackson and Prince..both excellent musicians with the moves and everything, later it was hip hop with Run DMC, LLCoolJ, Beastie Boys, DJ Magic Mike, 50Cent etc. Anyone who produced & sang great music with a gear stage presence was my inspiration.

What lead you to the creation of Team Diva Models?
Team Diva Models came about when I was asked to be the recruiter for Team Sexy Ladies, I was working under the CEO of that team for a while & I loved the love he was getting from the ladies on the team so being the recruiter wasn't enough...I wanted that love he was getting plus I never could work under someone for a long period of time. I soon started getting ideas about making my own team...I said "why give the CEO all these ladies & followers when I can bring them to my team, I had to think of a catchy sexy name that the females would love so I thought "what do the females want to be the most....DIVAS & MODELS" and that's how Team Diva Models came about but I had no idea I was going to be getting real models wanting to join my team. I actually started managing a couple girls on the team to further there career..,I see big things happening for Team Diva Models.

What has been the best thing to happen since you started your career as an artist?
The best thing to happen to me since I started my career as an artist is has to be the good reviews and the love, I love getting love and good reviews from my music because I put my love, heart & soul in my music. It's like having a baby...thats your baby and no one can take that away from you. A lot of people has told me that I look just like 2Pac & I've been getting a lot of love from that...look at my'll see it..that's love when you look like an icon.

What is the best thing about running your company?
The best thing about running my company that I'm the boss, I'm the Founder/CEO and president of Team Diva Models so that makes me the boss and that's what i always wanted to be, I couldnt believe how much love I get from the ladies just cause I'm the boss and this is exactly what I wanted plus I love running the team and making decisions..doing what I want to do on the's a good feeling.

What are your goals for your company? And your music?
I have big goals for Team Diva Models, i've already created the website for the models that have already started on the career with professional photos and bios who want exposure in videos, fashion shows & magazines. I also want to start my on magazine called Diva Model magazine & I want a TV/Reality show in the near tryna get paid that's the main goal.

Of coarse I still have my love for my music and I want to make I big, I want to get a lot of radio play and video play, one of my biggest goals has always been to make it to an award show & when a lot of awards...I still can see it and it's still possible..i can still see the money.

If you could meet and work with anyone from the business, who would it be and why?
As far as music I would love to meet and work with Nicki Minaj, Kanye West & JayZ because they're great entertainers and know how to make money which is always good, as far as my modeling team I always wanted to work and meet Hue Heffner  cause I want to visit the playboy mansion..that's whassup.

What are some projects you are involved with?
As far as projects I am managing models from my team as I stated earlier and I'm going to be going to South Carolina for a "Rip The Runway Fashion/Modeling Show on March 23 that I booked one of my models in, as far as my music I'm getting a lot of people wanting collaborations with me including a couple models on my team which is going to lead to radio & video projects. I'm also going to Vegas for a 2Pac lookalike project in a couple months.

Besides music and the company, what do you do for fun? any hobbies?
Besides music and my company Im working on my photography skills..that's another skill that I want to conquer, I want to shoot the models & and I figure since I have my own modeling team and manage models why not be a photographer and shoot the models..there's a lot of money in that profession & a lot of females and males are looking for photographers. I want to be an entrepreneur...I want to do everything.

What do you want people to know most Team Diva Models?
I want people to know most about Team Diva Models is that it's no bullshit, Team Diva Models is an official  company that has only the most sexiest women in it, I work hard for this company and I love everyone in it..if I make money everyone makes money.

In conclusion, what do you want people to remember most about you and your music?
I want people to remember that I'm a very creative and talented person who makes very hot music and no one can take that away from me, you can see it in my face and Listen to music that I'm supposed to be a star..I'm supposed to be rich..I'm supposed to be successful.


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