The JLeake Movement Ent - [ Interview ]

Who is
The man behind 
The JLeake Movement Ent

& What is it all about?!

Tell us a brief bio about yourself & your movement.
Im a artist/producer/ceo very humble confident, dedicated,loyal, hard working, The Movement basically speaks for itself in the title,im the ceo of "The J.Leake Movement Ent"  We deep from my promo/marketing team,fan's, people that roc with us, I have a very talented female(Sexy Syn) the first lady of the movement, shes a artist/songwriter/model/ she also shoots videos you can look out for her solo project coming this summer and also a movement compilation titled "Transition" my mixtape coming this summer as well gonna be crazy will be releasing the title soon,you can check Sexy Syn out at the movement is deep we have a lot of support and real dedicated people behind us were here to stay ('The J.Leake Movement Ent") Im also apart of Soulja Boy's Sodmg brand, s/o to my Bro Stunna, Los, Whiggz, Steve Brock,Soulja Boy its been all luv over there 

What inspired you to start the movement .
I basically feel i inspired myself because labels wasnt getting at me knowbody understood what i was tryna do as a artist or businessman. i didnt cry or fold in these times, I  came from nothing and made something big which is a movement that cant be stopped, i also can say its safe to say my enviroment inspired me as well i feel when they see what i worked hard and built from the ground up it will inspire and motivate others

Also, we hear you are doing a magazine. 
Tell us more about that.
The magazine is basically the same situation with the movement once again another door i had to knock down myself I was grinding going to the studio and when i put my mixtape "28 Gram's" out I hit magazines up for interviews and promo and they numbers was either crazy or they never got back in touch with me,so i used my resources and ability to go and get it, came up with a plan introduced it to my business partner Kesha Collins and now we or "Dream Big Grind Harder" the magazine another door i opened for not just artist like me but people like me to be heard and speak there minds.

What are your goals for the magazine?
The goals for the magazine is simple people that doesnt have the voice or cant afford a thousand dollar magazine budget or promo we here to help you,were here to be a voice we have commercials for the magazine, magazine launches and events were currently planning as of now, were steady building our brand and will be a household name in the future, percentages of the magazine sales and events will go to good causes as for as back into teh community and helping the youth.make sure u follow us on twitter @dbghmag 

If you could meet and work with anyone from the business, 
who would it be and why?
If I could work with anyone in the business it would be Ceelo Green,that would be a great look for me i need that soulfull track from Ceelo Green, Yo Cello get at me fam  lets work 

What has been your favorite project so far and why?
my favorite project is my "28 Gram's" mixtape I had the streets, my fans, supporters, friends waiting on me to drop something and through all the tough times blood sweat and tears, lifes trials and tribulations i finally delivered to them "28 Gram's" the mixtape Hosted by Dj Micky D, it was my favorite because i put my all into it real life on a cd that people can relate to, when i got that cd in the mail when it was finished i popped it into my cd player and shedded also feel good when you go to the barber shop or people in the streets walk up to you and can recite a line or the whole song,very special project thats my baby "28 Gram's' the mixtape if you dont have it look under under J.Leake and download that classic

Besides running being on the grind with the magazine & the movement, what do you do for fun? any hobbies?
I love to write thats my passion rather its a song, a interview for the magazine,or a poem, im getting into boxing as of now thats a story in itself stay tuned for that, i play basketball when i have the time,love speaking with the youth and inspiring them,i dont take to much time off because im so focused and hungry but when i do i like to get away to the beach and walk on the beach.

In conclusion, 
what do you want people to know most about you?
I want people to know that Im real, Im loyal you can talk to me were all gods children i do this for the future i work hard to make history so oneday i can be a inspiration to that kid opening up that history book and stand in front of the class room and tell my story as me!

S/O to Starr for the interview! 

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