Dolla Rise is On the Grind Again [Interview]

Tell us a brief bio about yourself & your music.
My name is Dolla Rise. I am about getting my $$ up. If you are reading this and u aren't on the same tip, Please keep it moving?  I am a passionate, young hustler on the come up. I am a family man and a business man. I have done the street thing and I apply the streets hustle to my rap hustle. I am a fly dude who can spit that ish at the drop of a dime. I am an intellect and a thinker. I am a dreamer that is constantly working to make those dreams reality. I make rap music for all genres. I love to hit a stage and set it on fire! I am a showman. I speak for people of all walks of life. I create motivation music. I hope people get enlightened when they hear my feel good joints, but I have also perfected street music. I am working to be the best rapper ever.  

What inspired you to become an artist?
I became inspired by Hip Hop's lifestyle. The whole life! The music, clothes, slang, the swagger, energy. Everything about it drew me in. I listened to the music at a young age and I wanted to become a rapper at the age 11. I was actually listening to Big when I was inspired to go write my first rhyme. I was listening to heavy Wu Tang at that time too. They got me wanting to rap too. It was a love thing with me. My mom grabbed me a Karaoke machine and it was on! I started recording at 14. That was the beginning of my learning years. I used to get my studio rat on. LOL 

What goals do you have for your music career?
I look forward to getting signed and selling a lot of records. I plan on obligating my contractual agreements and then I see myself getting a distribution deal and putting out my own slew of artists. I can't wait to tour the world and see people loving me over on the eastern hemisphere. My music gets much respect over there and I need to be over there performing. No offense to America but, I will be an international name. I am not a local act. I need to be felt everywhere possible.  

If you could work with someone famous in the industry, 
who would it be and why?
I want to work with all the heavy hitters. Why wouldn't I? I would like to work with some of these rap legends before they are all done with this game. I would like to work with Jay Z, Nas, Kanye, T.I., Jeezy, Dr. Dre, Wayne, Ross, Eminem, 50, Snoop, Redman, Busta, Cam, Sigel, Free, Gucci all of em!! I can't even name all the people I wanna work with. That's how You get hot. Right? If I can get Rakim to do a joint with me I would. KRS ONE, MC Lyte, Jadakiss, Drake and etc. I'm a fan of this game, so I can name a million artist I wanna work with.

What projects are you currently working on? 
I am currently working on the release of my new mix cd "Still Underground". I'm dropping that to showcase all my street joints that didn't make my album. I have collaborated with a lot of people close to me out here and I am showcasing there talents along with mine on this new project. The cd will be available for free download. Check for it on datpiff and all the other sites that allow you to download. Joint gone be crazy! I just dropped my album "Show You How to Make a Dolla Rise", which is now available on ITUNES. All banger! No skits. Here is the link for that: 

what are your top 3 songs?
My top 3 Songs that I have available are 

1) Big Money- Produced By Diioia Beats. Big Money is a song for all those on there grind. Whatever it be. Whether you are a regular worker or a street king, this joint will get you going. I actually won the Indie Music Idol competition put on by this past year with this monster of a track. The song is available for download on ITUNES for only $.99. Here is the link for that:

2) We Bossin'- Produced & featuring Brick Breezy. This is another uptempo joint that is an energy ride from beginning to end. This is a great summer track to me and reminds me of like, speeding in the lambo in Miami. This is a song for the big boys. whatever you doing. This is for Bosses. 

3) Need Security- Produced & featuring Ace Magic. This is a smooth, R&B type track. I felt the need to show the people another side of Dolla. I got a lil personal with this track and delivered for the ladies. This is an ode to a beautiful woman. I got this song played on local radio and to your surprise, It wasn't the local Hip Hop & R&B station. I got airplay from a rock station. What I'm trying to say is, the track is so good that it got play on a station of another genre. The song is available on my cd "The Philly Flyer" as a bonus track. Check for it!

Besides this talent, what do you do for fun? any hobbies?
I like to share time with my family and close friends whenever I can. I can have fun whenever I'm around certain people. I enjoy to go to out & get a drink in system on my unwind time. Me & my bro might get our bar hop on. U know. I like to be in the presence of beautiful women, so wherever they are, I may be. LOL. It's no fun in a sausage party. I like to catch a live show and I love to eat! I may see a restaurant's commercial and run right out to get what I saw. That's fun to me. Oh and shopping! Its always great to spend bread. 

In conclusion, what do you want people to know most about you?
I would like the people to know that Dolla Rise is a passionate artist that does this from this heart and I love what I do. I will always make great music for everybody. I don't stick to one lane. I am a lyricist with a great show game. I just ask that you all give me a chance and become a believer. I know that the music I make is for someone else to listen to and enjoy. This is not necessarily for me, so I will not get so caught up into myself that the music I put out becomes redundant. I will forever be creative and push the envelope. 
Thank You, Krucial Conceptz for this opportunity and to the people, thank you for reading. Let's go & get it ya'll ! 


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