Chance got NEXT - Read all about his come up

Krucial Conceptz is the one place to get one on one with artists like
Chance of the RMG family. We took some time to interview him
on his current projects, new music & what's for the future! 
Read all about him below! #salutes

Tell us a brief bio about your music. 
        My Music Is Real, Emotional , Relatable. It Deals With Pain , Emotion. Things The        Audience Can Identify With  

What is your current project?
     I Just Released My New Single I Am Me On Video And Itunes, Next Is Cash On Deck Ft Angels Wit Durty Faces

Have you done any acting lately? If so, what? If not, plan to?
    I Just Recently Was In A New Commercial For Converse Sneakers. Right Now My Main Focus Is Music.  

What does the RMG Family mean to you?
 Just That Family. A Bunch Of Brothers. Ive Learned Alot From Everyone In The Crew. I Listen And Take Their Ideas And Criticism . I Use It To Grow And Get Better As A Artist. I Think We Have Friendly Competition.

Tell us about an average day for you.
Get Up Walk My Son Scrappy Outside To Poop. Workout, Either Work On A Tv Show Or Movie. If Im Not Then Im Writing Music.

When I say MUSIC, tell me what comes to mind first.
Emotions. Music Is The Same For Everyone, Everybody Listens To Music To Zone Out. Wheter Your Going Thru Pain, Your Happy , Your In Love Your Working Out. Its To Channel Your Emotions. 

Besides music, what do you do for fun? any hobbies?
I Like To Work Out, Watch Tv , I Really Love Movies, Ima Netflixer

With everything you are doing, what is your ideal career if you could pick anything?
Just What I Do , A Entertainer. I Love To Entertain , Musically , Socially , Romantically. lol  I Just Love To Be The Focus Of Things. 

If you could relive any moment in your life, what would it be and why?
None. I Have No Regrets . Every Moment Happened And Was Suppose To Happen . Only Moment I Wanna See Are The New Ones.

In conclusion, what do you want people to remember most about you?
That I Was Always Real. Musically, Personally. Everything. I Always Been Me. Who I Am. Never Fake It Or Front It. I Give You All Of Me All The Time Wheter You Like It Or Not. 

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