Interview with Melanie | CEO of Skyline Entertainment Group

Krucial Conceptz got a chance to speak with Melanie ,
CEO of Skyline Entertainment Group.
Read how it all went down!

Tell us a brief bio about yourself & your company.
I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  I moved to Toronto in 2002 for better working 
opportunities and school.  I have always had an interest in music and would often provide 

guidance and advice to friends that were artists.  I was constantly listing to music and showing 

people how to market it and develop themselves.  Because of this, Skyline Entertainment Group 
was born.

Skyline Entertainment Group was started in 2009.  
I quickly learned that Toronto, and Canada as 
a whole, has so many talented artists that are striving hard to succeed in the music business.  
While they know how to make music, for the most part they lacked the knowledge to develop 
themselves or promote and distribute their music.  
That is where Skyline Entertainment Group 
came in.

I spent the first year networking and learning the ins and outs of the Canadian Music Industry.  
One of our earlier projects was the creation of a Mixtape for Toronto’s Caribana weekend which 
not only showcased Skyline Entertainment Group as a company but also was made up of 
independent and up-and-coming local talent.  We distributed thousands of CDs by hand at the 
Caribana festival and also made the Mixtape available by internet download.  It was a huge 
success.  That summer there were so many times that I would be in different places and hear 
the Mixtape playing in someone’s car!  
It was great!
Since then, we have continued to network and develop.  We have had the opportunity to work 
with some of Toronto’s finest musicians and also to be a part of industry events such as 
Manefesto, King of the Dot, Battle of the Beatmakers, and the Stylus Awards to name a few.

What inspired you to start your company.
My love of music inspired me to start my company.  Music for me is not just sounds that fill your 
ears, that you hear on the radio or see on T.V. but is one of the most important aspects of my 
life.  For me it is a lifestyle and my true love.  It is in everything that I do.  I could not go one day 
without music!  
I also started Skyline Entertainment Group as a way for independent artists to have access to
essential services at reasonable rates for artist development, distribution, and basically the 
business end of the music industry.

How has your job changed from the start to now?
When I first started Skyline Entertainment Group there were a lot of skeptics.  Many people did 
not support or believe in what we were doing.  Being a female in this industry can be hard at 
times as you constantly have to be proving yourself.  Boy how the times have changed!  We 
have become one of the top go-to companies for independent artists to contact for the many 
services that we provide.  We have now obtained affiliations in the U.S.A and Europe and

What are your goals for your company?
My goals for Skyline Entertainment Group are to continue to grow and develop our presence in 
the industry not only at a local level but national and international as well, continue to secure 
new opportunities for independent talent and develop relationships and partnerships that best 
suit the needs of our clients.  Our successes are their successes so striving for that is key.

If you could meet and work with anyone from the business, who would it be and why?
If I could work with anyone in this industry it would be 50 Cent.  Not only is he a talented artist, 
he is also a very successful business man, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  He is 
someone that I look up to very much and is what I envision success to look like.  I see him as 
someone that was given a chance, took that chance, strived hard and created himself an empire. 

What was your favorite project so far and why?
I think one of my favorite projects so far has been my involvement in Manifesto.   It is a 
wonderful event that really brings the artists together, makes it all about the music and the 
support and energy is crazy!  I love being a part of such a great event.

Besides running your company, what do you do for fun? any hobbies?
Besides running Skyline Entertainment Group, I spend a lot of time with my artists and producer 
in the studio making new music.  Each one of the team brings something to the table and there 
is nothing better than sitting back and watching the creativity flow producing beautiful sounds, 
beats and lyrics.
I am also a single parent and spend a lot of time with my daughter.  I can see that the music 
moves within her too.  She loves to sing, dance and be in the studio.  

In conclusion, what do you want people to know most about you?
People that are interested in working together should visit our website at 
and check out the services that we offer.  

They can also 
contact me by email at 
or by twitter 

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