Who is Godz Gift to Guardian?! [Exclusive Interview]

Who is 
Godz Gift to Guardian?!

A One on One interview
 by Starr of Krucial Conceptz

Tell me how the name, 
Godz Gift to Guardian, came to be. 
My name came to me one night just when I was about to fall asleep I closed my eyes and the name came out my mouth for no reason "GODZ GIFT TO GUARDIAN" and I've been that ever since I can remember !!!

With 2012 here, what are some goals 
for the year for your music?
Just to expose my music to more people and for more people to take notice my music is authentic no preservatives added real shit !! lol

Name someone who influenced you to became an artist and why.
Big Daddy Kane and his "Long Live the Kane" album I wanted to rap like that lol the way he put his rhymes together and the way he justed leaned on tracks fucking amazing !!! lol

What is your favorite song you 
have done so far and why that one? 
"Who We Are" is my favorite off the "Burial MixTape" and because of how raw that song is straight gutta !! lol

Any projects coming up for you? 
More music vids for the "Burial Mixtape and more music for the soul back to basics !

Who is someone in the industry you 
would like to work with? 
Mary J Blige I've loved her since "Real Love" I would defiantly would like to work with her !!!

What does "music" mean to you?
It means how people express them selves in some shape form or fashion to me anyways ! lol

Is there any special message you try to send with your music to the listeners? 
Not really just some good ole fashion HipHop for your soul !!!

If you were to receive an award, 
who would you make sure to shout out? 
GOD !!!! lol & then my mom and pops for having sex and making me !!! lmfao

Who are some main stream artists you like? 
I don't really listen to the main stream way too commercial for me real rap ! #RealHipHop

Final Words/Shout Outs- 
Yea I want what's coming to me and that's the world and everything in it !!!

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