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Interview with Poetic Killa
by Starr of Krucial Conceptz

So tell me, where did the name Poetic Killa come from?

 Well before I turned to writin music and actual song lyrics, I would write stories as far back as I can remember, since I was a kid.
I always had a nack for writin in school and all that, whether it was answering an open response question or something as simple as
creating my own story, it always came naturally to me. Also as far back as I can remember it always seemed like I had an advanced
vocabulary from all the otha kids my age, the words I used always stoodout on the page. That is one of the main reasons how I came up
wit the name Poetic Killa, also from inspiration from other great emcees like Nas and many others. But Nas always resorted to writin
raps as somethin similar to "poetry in motion" which always stood out to me of what Hip Hop and music lyrics really are.

Let us know a little bit about yourself and where you are from.

 I am an up and coming hip hop artist from Boston, Massachusetts 18 years of age and music is basically my life...simple as that.
I was born originally in Boston but have lived in many other places across the US when I was younger like Nevada and Florida for a
short period of time before moving back to Mass due to family issues.

What inspired you to get involved with music?

When it comes to a question like this, I mean the reasons and names of people could go on forever! (Laughs)  
My inspiration when it comes to music is definitely soley based on my life experiences, the things I have gone through, 
hardships I've overcome....It all makes me the person I am today!  Granted some of those things probably werent the best of times
to say the least, but I am glad in a way that I experienced some of those things in my early years, it truly has a huge effect on me
now. But yeah definitely that when it comes to inspiration for my music along with A LOT of other things and a lot of people as well
who truly made me realize the talent I had when it came to music and writing, that plays a huge role as well, definitely.

Is there any artists you looked up to growing up and why?

(laughs) Damn! brings me back to the old times when I was just a lil kid and my moms popped in the cassette for Montell Jordan's 
"This Is How We Do It" for the first time...I remember that specifically because that was the very first time I heard rap, I loved it!
The old school beats and everything the feeling was just indescribable, really! I mean after that I was listening to a bunch of
different artists from TLC to Biggie.  I wouldnt necessarily say that I looked up to only one artist, but definitely yes when it
comes to somethin like my inspiration for my music.

How has being an artist effected your life?

Well definitely the first thing that comes to mind is how when I found music when I was a kid, it was almost my escape from the
world.  You just get lost in it...the lyrics, vibin out to the beat..everything!  It helped me cope with the struggles I was goin
thru in my younger years and still till this day!  And I didnt only use it as a tool to get me thru things, I truly loved it!
And theres really nothing better then doing something you really love and can also be beneficial to you mentally n emotionally.
It goes hand and hand.

What was the best thing so far that has happened to you?

Musically, id definitely hafta say this last mixtape I dropped in general was by far the best thing that has happened to me and my
career since I have started.  I mean, like I said before...just to even get the oppourtunity to collab with those prestigious artists
definitely gave me that extra motivation and truly a great feeling of accomplishment. Special shouts to everyone on the tape JoJo 
Pellegrino, Novoa, CL9, Termanology, Kuniva, Bizarre, Raekwon, Kool G Rap, Iron Solomon, And Tha MixtapeBully!

What are your goals for 2012?

Well I mean in general I just like to focus on improving my talents from track to track, I truly put a lot of effort in each and
everyone whether its a full song of my own or a 16 bar verse I am doing for a feature track.  To be honest, I did not even think
around this time last year, that in the near future I would be collaborating with these artists such as Raekwon, And Kool G Rap, etc. 
That within itself surpassed my goals of last year and truly opened my eyes to how much I could accomplish and succeed in this
buisness. It felt great!  So I mean, my goals for this year is to almost like "one up" what I did last year, like I said...just 
constant progression little by little is what I truly focus on and am truly determined on improving in any way possible or in any area
that I need to.  I definitely wanna expand my contacts and different other artists to work with so I can also gain more notoriety
through those aspects as well and not only that but just to network with other artists and possibly do buisness n make contacts
is what I'm all about.  I believe thats very key in this buisness as well, and I not only believe in helping myself as an artist 
but helping other talented n truly dedicated artists just like myself to gain notoriety or what have you through networking, 
collabs, etc.

Name your favorite track on your mixtape "The Fix" and why that song?

To be completely honest, despite all the crazy features that were on there (Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan, D12, Termanology etc.) I in fact
really liked my solo track "Just Believe", I dont know....I just felt like it set a different tone then all the other tracks did
on the tape.  Completely different topic, I liked that it was almost like some uplifiting motivational shit too ya know? I mean
no disrespect in anyway to ANY of the other artists on the tape..I just thought that that track was kinda like the final straw,
it truly made me realize everything I've been through and overcome and through all the struggle and hardtimes,
I created in my eyes some truly great music with this project and have achieved certain things that I only dreamed of earlier in
life.  I hear all these great feature tracks with dudes I use to listen to growin up, and then you play that last track "Just
Believe" And I just felt a great sense of accomplishment, like no matter who you are or what you've gone through...if you truly
wanna pursue something you've wanted..go for it!  As long as you have dedication and determination to do what it is you wanna do,
NOTHING can stop you, not a thing.

Who are some people in the industry you would like to work with someday?

I would deffinately want to work an old school female artist like MC Lyte.  Not only have I always been a big fan of her and admired
her lyrics but I have yet to collab with a female MC during my career yet.  I just think the whole vibe of the track would be sick 
and really unique and shit.  Imma huge fan of the old school, its where the culture began.

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

After I dropped "The Fix Mixtape" in early November, I am now currently working on my collab mixtape "From The Ground Up" with
many talented emcees from all over the world and will be Hosted by Boston's own Termanology.  Along with working a little bit on 
Volume 2 of The Fix which should be out in the early spring with features from Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan and Termanology On The Track
"Take It To The Top" Along With Coney Islands Nems and many more to be announced.  Closest project to drop in a couple weeks is the 
one im hosting for Miami's MC Will Gatz, originally from my hometown of Boston.  This mixtape is titled "Vintage" and will be droppin 
within the next couple weeks all over the net not only hosted by myself but will be featuring throughout the whole mixtape as well.

What message do you try to send fans with your music?

With my music I try to show that theres more to this genre of music then people think there is due to what is portrayed on the
radios and televisions nowadays.  Its more then just music, its a culture with substance behind it!  I try and make music
that includes the same aspects rather then just a hot beat and some garbage lyrics and callin it a track.  I also try n portray
in my music that no matter who you are, you're background, where you've came from, etc. You can still accomplish anything
you truly want as long as you have that determination and drive to go out and get what is yours!

Final words/Shout outs

You can check out "The Fix Vol. 1" over on DatPiff.Com For Free Download with features from Wu Tang Clan, D12, Iron Solomon
Termanology, JoJo Pellegrino, And the legendary Kool G Rap. 

I wanna first shoutout to Michele Sabbia my mother, the one who has truly stood by me thru everything I've been through in my life.
It was especially hard for her because she was a single mother raising three kids and she managed to do it all and was always there.
And wit my motha comes along wit the rest of the family. 
My lifelong best fucking friend, literally do not know where I'd be without her!  She always been by my side through everything
and the most loyal person I have ever met.  She plays a big role in my music as well and always have and I cant thank her enough
for that.

Last person I would like to shoutout is Bill Novoa, 
how much this dude has done for me in the music buisness is above and beyond!
I really cant thank you enough bro, if it wasnt for you this whole mixtape wouldnt have been possible, shouts to you my dude!

"The Fix Mixtape" Download Link:

"Express Thru Rhyme" by Poetic Killa Feat. Termanology 
Youtube Link:

"No Competition"  By Poetic Killa Feat. Kool G Rap 
Youtube Link:

Facebook fan page Poetic Killa:

"Just Believe" By Poetic Killa YouTube Link:

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