Taking it to the Next Level.....The Rounderz (Pt. 2)

The Rounderz 

Taking it to the Next Level.....

Interview with 
Starr of Krucial Conceptz

Since the last interview, we've had a new year come along 
and seen some new music from you guys. 
Tell us what plans you have for the future year.

DoughBoy: What's up Starr! Last year overall was a great year for us and Team Regulator,  we basically want to build off that momentum. The mixtape "YouGottaLuvIt" Hosted by DJ iLL Will broke 1 million impressions online, the "How Bad Do You Want It Concert" was a huge success and with all the collaborations and guest appearances we made, slowly but surely we are reestablishing ourselves as ones to watch in the rap game.

Ly:  The response was incredible, we've developed a good presence online and none of it would have been possible without the help of Krucial Conceptz and everyone else who got behind the project. We just wanna thank everybody for the love and support, In turn we look forward to giving you some more great music this year.

Recently you just dropped some new music and a mixtape,
tell us about those projects.

DoughBoy:   Yes the new mixtape  is a collection of songs we recorded prior to "YouGottaluvit" hence the title  "YouGottaLuvIt:DaPrequel".The music was previously unreleased and we just felt that it was too good to just sit on, most of the production was handled by super producer Develop with guest appearances by Royal Flush, FaceOff and LOS. It's a crazy mixtape and if you dont have it already make sure you download it asap!

Ly:   We also have 2 singles circulating right now "Bring It Up Top" and "Let Her Know" sort of an A side B side thing in the tradition of how record companies used to market and promote  new music. The response has been great and hopefully we can follow up with the videos to them.

Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

DoughBoy: Wow me personally I draw inspiration from life experience, music, movies, news, even something as simple as a photo. It's like an epiphany and the rest is history.

Ly:   My ispiration comes from the beats, as long as its something I feel the creative process is relatively easy, and once me and DB get in the studio the chemistry is second nature.

When it comes to the RMG Family, how did it all come about 
and how did you all meet?

DoughBoy:  Well I met Ly through his cousin who's also my best friend, Who then introduced me to Jowe, Los and Nex because they went to HS together.

Ly: Then myself and FaceOff were from the same hood and he introduced us to Heron. Chance is related to some mutual friends and that's how his situation came about, Last but not least S.Starr came into the fold through his friendship with FaceOff. We go way back and theres a genuine love and respect we all share with eachother its not just music were a family.

Dealing with music, what are some things you feel are 
positive and negative in the industry right now.

DoughBoy: Well the most positive thing is having the internet at your disposal. As an independent artist you can market and promote yourself as you see fit without having to deal with the industry politics .  The biggest names in music now wouldnt be where theyre at if not for the internet.

Ly: And on the flipside the most negative thing is having the internet at your disposal. The game has become extremely saturated and the legit artist have to work extra hard just to distance themselves from the pack, Its a double edged sword.

How do you think music really effects the listeners and 
todays youth?

DoughBoy: I think music affects the youth in good and bad ways. Kids especially teenagers are impressionable and as artists we have to be conscious of what kind of message were sending. For the most part I dont have a problem with anyone expressing themselves in any kind of way as long you stand by your work.

Ly: I'm gonna second what DB said, You shouldnt say shit for the sake of saying it. If you talk about it you should be about it, I think too many artist in todays game compromise who they are for a little shock value.

DoughBoy: Being from the Bronx, the quote unquote "Mecca Of Hip Hop" I think we take a little more pride in preserving the integrity of the art form. 

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with right 
now and why them?

DoughBoy: On the production tip I'm gonna say Just Blaze, I think his stuff is incredible. On the artist side Im gonna say Fabolous, He's been holding NY down for years and probably doesnt get the recognition he deserves.

Ly: As far as production I definitely wanna work with Timbaland and Premo, Those guys right there are legends. Then on the artist side of things Im gonna say Yelawolf,B.O.B., Bruno Mars and 50 cent. I think all these guys are talented in their own right.

What are your goals for this coming year with your career?

DoughBoy: Its Simple, to build off of last years success. Music, Videos, Shows, Appearances etc.  We plan on dropping 1 or 2 singles every quarter for the rest of the year with the visuals to match. Were working with RMG's newest member Boogz Banga Artist/Producer extraordinaire and were working with After Midnight Productions and DJ Abbico on some new heat as well so look out for that.

Ly: I mean the possibilities are endless, I think theres enough music in the vault to do a lot of things. I'd like to drop a solo album, I know were definitely going to work on "Regulator Is Da Gang vol.2"  and maybe a Rounderz EP. Maybe some collaborative projects with some artist outside the camp but overall we plan on staying busy.

What is it that most people would be surprised to know 
about you?

Ly:   Believe it or not most people dont know that I also write RnB music. I've mostly worked with my label mate LOS but if youre a singer in need of a hit get at me for sure.

DoughBoy:  Most people wouldnt know that I handle the day to day business operations for The Rounderz. In my short time in the industry Ive learned a lot and still continue to grow. It's hard work but I know if we continue to apply ourselves theres nothing we cant accomplish as a unit.

What’s your favorite song on the mixtape & why?

Ly:   It's Gotta be between " I Never Knew" , "See Tomorrow" and "Miracle On 142nd St.". I lean towards "Miracle On 142nd St." because its my life story in so many words and its the first time I've opened up about who Lynell really is. It's an emotional record and I hope that anybody who has dealt with a similar reality can draw inspiration from it.

DoughBoy:   Mine is definitely "Live Muthafucka" . It's produced by Develop and this is around the same time he did "Fireman" for Lil Wayne, the track goes hard it really got the ball rolling for us and we havent looked back since. 

Shout outs / Final Words- 

We just wanna Shoutout  the entire Regulator Family, DJ Rob- Low, AMP Studios, Sapo GFX, Krucial Concepts and of course everybody who loves and supports the movement!

If youre an artist/producer that would like to collaborate with The Rounderz please dont be afraid to reach out rounderzmusic@gmail.com




 “Let Her Know”

"Bring It Up Top"


Words from Starr:
If you haven't checked this dynamic duo out
then today is the day! You better get wit it!
These 2 are def making moves and 
everything they spit is insane!
2012 - is the year of the #RMG Family

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