Interview with Mykee - Passionate Young Artist

Krucial Conceptz took some time to lay down an interview with this amazing
young artist, Mykee. Here is what went down!

Your name, Mykee, is it your birth name or a stage name?
-Both in a way. My real name is Michael (mikey for short) I just took "Mikey" and spelled it "MyKee" I thought I'd be different

If stage, how did the name come about?
-It's MyKee because I feel like I hold the key to everything I want to do and music is something I wish to unlock. 

Who are your greatest influences musically?
-Musically, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Drake

What song or artist would you say made you realize you wanted to be an artist?
-There wasn't anyone specific. The whole hip-hop movement inspired me.

How does it feel to have released your first mixtape?
-It feels awesome. I have worked so hard on it. People can finally listen, indulge in, and groove to real hip-hop.

For this coming year, what are some goals you have?
-More shows, features, music videos, and songs.  

What would you say is the best thing about being an artist?
-Being able to express myself freely, in my own creative way through my music. 

In the industry, who are some singers you would like to work with?
-I'd love to work with Chris Brown, Neyo, Jeremiah, Trey Songz ....the list goes on

Do you write your own music or do you have a team that you work with?
-I write all my own lyrics

is there any quote or saying, that you live by or you feel that inspires you?
-Life is what you make it

Define what music means to you personally in 5 words or less.
-Everything you make of it

In conclusion, do you have any shouts or last words to share with us?
Shout out to my team, TrillaG. 
And for all my fans be sure to download my first mixtape 
"MyKee 2 Success" 


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