Chance [ Taken Music to the Next Level ]

Another Exclusive Interview with Chance
by Krucial Conceptz

Question - Who is Chance? Introduce yourself a little.
       Chance Is Someone Real, Someone Who Will Give It To You 100 Percent Honest, Give You My Emotions And Feelings. Never Sugar Coat Anything . Loyal Grinder Driven n Misunderstood. 

Question - What is your background?
   Im Puertorican n Ecuadorian  

Question - When did you fall in love with music?
   Ever Since I Can Remember. I Loved Music, My Mom n Dad Use To Play Everything. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pm Dawn, Nwa , Wham, Like I Was Exposed To Every Genre . 

Question - How has music made an impact on your life? 
  Music Is My Life, Everything Ive Been Thru Or Going Thru Ive Documented In My Music, Music Is My Soundtrack To My Life. 

Question - Define your style of music.
   Real And People Can Identify With My Music, I Make Music For People To Relate To 

Question - Before a performance, what do you do to get prepared? 
    Listen To My Music , Scope The Place Where Im Gonna Perform , Get On The Stage Envision What I Want To Happen, Before I Go On Vodka Redbull 

Question - How did the last performance feel to you?
    I Felt Amazing, I Felt A Natural High, Everyone Came Out, Showed Love, They Were Enjoying Themselves. It Was A Amazing Night. 

Question - Tell me a little about RMG. What it stands for and purpose.
    Rmg Stand s For Regulator Music Group. What We Stand For Is A Group Of Talented Individuals Who Make Great Music Who Are Really Brothers. We Are A Family We Care About Each Other N Show Love , We Go Thru Things Like Brothers Disagreements And All But We Still Love Each Other n Make Great Music For The Fans. Every Act In Our Group Is Different And Gives The Fans Something Different They Can Appreciate It. I Believe We All Rub Off Each Other n Inspire Each Other To Be Better. 

Question - What is it that most people would be surprised to know about you?
   That I Have A Big Heart. I Think I Come Off As Arrogant , Cocky n Emotionless A Player , But Im Really The Person Thats Super Loyal With A Big Heart. I Will Do Whatever I Can If Its Within My Means For Someone. My Heart Is Too Big For My Chest. 

Question - Freestyling vs Songwriting - which one is more your thing and why?
    Songwriting Is My Thing. Why Cuz I Want To Make Great Music That People Can Listen To All The Time Especially When They Are Going Thru Something. Freestyling To Me Is A Great Talent Alot Of Ppl Cant. But Its Not What I Aim For, I Aim To Make Classic Joints Not Freestyles . 

Question - How do you see the future of the music industry?
    Thats A Hard Question, I Think Its Trying To Find Itself Again. I Mean Its Like A Hippie Movement Now. No Dis But Ppl Are Just Getting High and Wasted n Thats What They Wanna Hear. Now You Have Eminem , Jay , Kanye, Drake, J Cole. I Believe They Are Showing ppl Lets Bring It Back To The Lyics Not Just A Dope Beat, Dope Hook n Hot Line. 

Question - How do you see yourself? and Longtime goals? 
  I See Myself As One Of The Last Realest To Rap. I Rap How I Feel N What I Go Thru. My Emotions Are All Over It , Its All Me. Good Bad Ugly Swaggy. Its Me . When I Write I Think About Who Could Relate To This Song. What CAn I Say To Make Them Be LIke Its Gonna Be Ok. Thats Why I Dont Really Say My Name Or Others In My Songs So You Can Feel Like You Wrote It Like Its Your Song. Long Goals. I Just Wanna Keep Making Meaningful Music. Wheter On A Big Stage Or To My Loyal Fans. 

Question - What part of your career did you realize this was truly what you wanted to do?
   When I Was Like 20 I Was Locked Up In Florida For 11 and a half months. I Use To Be In Cyphers n Rapping To The OG's Dudes That Werent Getting Out. They Told Me You Got A Gift Little Nigga. Why You Tryin To Be A Criminal , You Need To Share That Shit n Get Paid You Nice. 

Question - Have you ever thought of giving up?
  I Think We All Come To A Cross Road n Be Like Is It Worth It. Life Takes Over , Bills, Family Issues, Problems, Relationships. But I Could Never Leave Music Ive Retired A Couple Of Times lol, But I Always Come Back. 

Question - What is your favorite song on your cd and why?
     They All Are. But To Single One Out, Probably Till The End, Thats My Keep Ya Head Up Joint. It Was Just Saying We All Go Thru Shit , Times Are Rough But We Will Make It Out Of It. I Wanted To Be Inspiring On That Song. And Alot Of People Told Me They Felt It N Shed Tears To It. So I Succeeded.

 Question - What goal(s) do you have for RMG in the future?
 To Be The Best Rap Label Hands Down. The Most Talent, The Most Unity, The Best Songs. We Have Everything To Be The Best Group Of Guys To Ever Do It Period.

Question - If you could change anything about the game, what would it be and why?
   Politics. For Labels n Execs To Stop Trying To Find The Next Jayz Next Drake Next Biggie Pac, Find The First Chance, Jowe Bleaze, Face Ferragamo, Doughboy, Ly, Nex , Los , Heron, Nubreed , Bunni, Streetz Da God , Bx The Problem. Theirs Mad Talent On There But If You Dont Look Or Sound Like The Old, They Dont Want The New. 

Question - Any Shout outs?
You Already Know, God Is Love . Wouldn't Be Any Where With Out Him. My Mom, Sister , Dad, Brother. My Rmg/Dte Family. We Grown Alot. But So Much More To Go. Krucial Conceptz Like Always. Amazing Work You Already Know. Lastly But Def No Less Important My Fans. You Make Me Relevent n You Keep Me Striving To Be Better. Also The Haters lol I See You Looking You Said i Couldnt n Wouldnt . How Am I Looking Now.

From Krucial Conceptz:
I want to send our full support and love to Chance!
May all of your success be good to you and best wishes
and luck on your career.

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