Rising to the Fame: Nick Barta enters the Game

Krucial Conceptz took time to chat it up with Nick Barta, one of our favorite new rising artists, 
and ask him a few questions about his career! This is how it went down.......

So tell me Nick, what is your passion for music? What is the key that drives you?
My passion for music was enjoying the fact that you could tell a story or entertain people with your music. The key that drives me is putting smiles on people's face. Overall the excitement they can receive through my music.

when you were a little kid, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?
When I was a little kid I wanted to be the best worldwide entrepreneur or an actor.

When it comes to the whole aspect of the music industry, what gives you that drive to make music & want to pursure further?
What gives me the drive to pursue in the music industry is seeing how idols like my boi diggy & drake have accomplish. I'm a little older then Diggy & younger then Drake, & seeing what they have done makes me want to strive to reach to there prestige levels.

Who are some producers and singers in the industry now that you would like to work with later on?
It be dope to work with Kanye, DJ Premier, Pharrell for my producers. Singers would have to be Cody Simpson, Bieber,& Frank Ocean.

what do you think is the best thing about being an artist?
Best thing about being an artist is having the ability to touch my fans with music & be a good role model for the youth rising.

was there any one song or artist that was the reason you wanted to start with music?
The artist that made me want to start writing & produce music was & continues to still be Pharrell.

what projects are you working on now and what goals do you have for this coming year?
My projects I'm working on is my 1st EP album called "Aviator" Other projects are mixtapes with other artist. Goals are get my album out & my clothing line running.

if there was one piece of advice you would give someone else wanting to start in the music career, what
would you say?
I would say keep what you do with whatever route you take with music. Practice practice practice. Keep @ it & don't give up.

So, what are your top 3 songs that stay on rotation daily that you just gotta hear?
3 songs I have to listen to are. Copy, Paste. Ottis, Headlines.

what would you say is your favorite 16bars from one of your songs?
Ok I'm on my grind. I stay up on my grizzy. You know I'm poppin bottles. And your sprite is getting fizzy. You know Im staying busy. This spitta bouts to hustle. You know I'm getting boards. Like my man bill Russell. So see I'm rising up. I'm not a rebound. So tell me where your swagg at. Best check the lost and found. Making this music. That's how I'm bouts to shine. The style to dope. Man I got that clothing line. It's called jet grind. Started off rocky like moving coaster. But man it's going big. On the rack, next to cultures. Girls you got that swag to. So you best get off the sofa. Would you Like to dance ma. Here let me come show ya. You like baller status. But this aint Facebook. I meant i get game winners. Cause I fake left and you get shook. So go and read you ya books.  That is a key play.. It's good to be a nerd,  we grind all day.
Verse 2
Ok it's  verse two, and my grizzy's progressing. You on my blogspot . Best keep refreshing. My rhymes just keep updating. Dog you in last place. It's 2011 why you still using myspace. You trynna challenge me. Thay would be a turtle race. Because I keep a steady pace, and then rattle the base, I see you wanna chase. You want to get the crown. My grizzy to high. It can't touch the ground. Then I shut it down. Swag fresh like mentos Dogging all this chaos. Your style like burt toast. So shawty take this Rose, then go and strike a pose because after the club. We going to a show.
Now let the music ride. feels like you on a cruise. Just keep on living. QYou will never lose.I'm lbout wild out. I got you with the tab. I am a young artist I stay up in the lab.

You are at a show about to perform, what do you do to prepare yourself?
Prepare myself before show. I would say a prayer thank god my mom & everyone in my family.

later on, if you were to win an award for your music, who would you thank?
I would thank the fans the artist & producer who support me. God, my mom, & family.

Who were/are your greatest influences musically?
Asher Roth, Jay, Kanye, Drake, Diggy , Pharrell, Wale, J.Cole.

do you write your own music or do you have a team that you work with?
I write my own lyrics. I'm trying to learn to produce.

say your career takes off & you make it mainstream, what do you think, if anything, you will change
about yourself or everyday life?
My lifestyle will change but I don't think I will change. I'm Nick Barta I know who I am. It was a long journey to learn who I was but I found him

what kind of impact do you hope your music will leave on fans & remember for years to come? 
I hope fans remember me as a great artist/entertainer.

is there any quote or saying, that you live by or you feel that inspires you?
My saying for myself is stay optimistic & keep striving to achieve.

in conclusion, i just gotta ask, describe yourselves in 3 words.
Courageous, Determined, Jetsetter


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