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Let Key20 tell you his story:
Im from the 3rd ward in New Orleans. Moved to chicago in '98 on and off doing music and other things because of a custody battle between my mom and grandmother. Was in the Air Force for a while as an aircraft mechanic specializing in the C-130 aircraft. but i give most of that credit to Lincoln's Challenge (Team 4 class 18 '02) and my basic training squadron 320th Training Squadron (Lackland AFB) (Alcatraz).

 I used to work with W.G.C.I and i have worked with Power 92 as well as B96, and ive also worked with countless promoters and local clubs/businesses hired and guaranteed to bring their business up at least 67% in a week. I've done shows all around chicago as well as New Orleans, Dallas, L.A, soon to be Miami and a few others. I was also filmed in an episode of Gangland (season 7 Episode: Road Warriors..Memphis vicelords) I consider myself to be more than just a promoter or an artist cause my skills go far beyond that. 

Im currently filming my documentary Chi-Orleans which is also for the name of the mixtape, my own t.v show which is basically the hip hop version of Man vs. Food, recording my mixtape in chicago and dallas, and starting a one of a kind series of events here in Chicago at Club E (5415 W. Irving Park Rd.) that are strictly for the local artists to not only come out and have a chance to perform in front of some of Chicago's Top mainstream artists, but to also network and have to opportunity to enter into a contest to open up at a concert for a Major Recording Artist.

Press Media:
courtousy of WRBC college radio (roosevelt university)

Born and raised in New Orleans, this 26-year-old musician offers a unique fusion of club music from the South and underground Midwest hip-hop. Key 20 is a local-based artist of Grain Entertainment and co-founder of One Shot Records, doing what he loves in hopes for the world to hear his records. Playing all over Chicago, Key 20 frequents popular venues including Club E, the Green Dolphin Club, Valentino Club-Café, Exedus and Fiesta Cantina. The artist said he began playing in the Chicago scene at age 14. With his slightly oversized white polo and dread locks that hang below his shoulders, Key 20 said he knew he wanted to make music at the age of 13. Having an interest in writing, he has won numerous short story and prose writing competitions since the second grade. Cousin of Key 20 and fellow musician, DJ Half n' Half described Key 20's music as a "classy, lyrical flow" and "very smooth." Key 20 said for him, the process behind writing and "spitting" is to write like he is talking to someone and if he doesn't feel anything off the music, he will not write over it. "I write like I'm talking to thousands of people and hope that they can relate to things I went through and things I am going through," Key 20 said. "You never hear me talking about having all this money. I'm not broke but that's not me. I'm about creativity." Key 20, who started the record company, One Shot Records, with his brother has come a long way since losing all his music collection to a house fire in 2007. Key 20 said of the house fire, "It's been a long journey. It was pretty traumatic because I was trying to figure out where was I going to get all this stuff again. Everything I take in stride now." Currently, Key 20 is playing shows, helping with club promotions, working on a mixtape and album to come out this spring and is filming a documentary with "GNUT" of GTV. The documentary is to be released before the mixtape and is tentatively titled "Chi-Orleans." "Everybody has something they are good at," said Key 20. "This is just my thing."

CEO of One Shot Records
with his brother Low Key Snypa as the president


His series to "Intro to Chi-Orleans"

Playing a Re-Enactment Role in both GANGLAND + ROAD WARRIORS

Exclusive Interviews on Radio Shows
+ Doing Shows Everywhere!

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