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PapaYaw Konadu Bediako (Born on October 23, 1986), better known by his stage name Proper has created a great deal of buzz in the underground music scene since his emergence.  The young mogul/ artist first burst onto the scene of music with his poetry and witty stories behind his music at a local talent show.  After his very first show held at Central Connecticut State University, word of mouth begun to spread about the new artist.  Interest begun to build up as more individuals spoke highly of the young man, even forcing CCSU to directly call Proper again to headline another talent show.  With over 300+ in audience at just a local talent show CCSU knew they were witnessing the beginning of a new potential party of theirs, who could make an impact in the music scene if given a slight opportunity.

Born in Ghana, Accra, the young mogul never listened to the likes of legends like Rakim, Biggy, Tupac and Jay-Z just to name a few whiles growing up.  After moving to the US in 1997, poetry became an escape for the young mogul while growing up.  Never having a father figure in his life taking its toll, words of poetry took into shape of the young man who would rather sit and read Shakespeare while other kids went outside to play.  With broken english the young man took classes to better his english while all along writing music that he knew lacked substance.  After making his first record, Proper knew he wanted to get more music out with many thoughts of connecting with others.  In 2006 Proper started his own Label (Kosent Music Group) and with the help of 2 friends begun his quest to open eyes and ears with music.  

With a recent release of his first mixtape with his KMG mates (The Weigh In) Proper begun working quickly to solidify his own solo debut mixtape ( Flight 101).  With his name circulating around the underground market, Tag Records (founded by Jermaine Dupri) reached out to the young man, in hopes of negotiating a distribution deal.  The young man respectfully declined the deal as he felt it was not the right moment to take a deal.  A few months later a Koch Records Recruit tried to get in contact with Proper to talk about a distribution deal, once again the young man declined an offer many would dream of.  After working numerous hours and pouring his heart into music, many likes of djs begun hearing more and more about Proper, as he begun to perform through out many clubs in the east coast area.  

Fueled by his growing fan base who have grown and connected with the young mogul, more people are really hearing of a deeper side that the young man has begun to introduce to his growing fan base.  The first debut mixtape scheduled to be released on June 27th 2011 really has a lot of excitement behind it.  Flight 101 sounds like a long awaited mixtape for his fan base who have eagerly awaited its release.  The first single produced by (The Council rep Danari gray) who is currently working with the likes of Wiz Khalifa( Rostrum Records/ Warner Brothers) Range (RocNation) and a few other notable industry artists, has instantly become a hit.  The 2nd single (Stop me now) produced by Alexander Hodge (Universal Records) is promised to be a fan favorite.  Leaving us to wonder how far can this young man go and if there is any stopping him?

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Flight 101

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