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The longest journey starts with the first step, and since taking his first steps towards being a musician, from the moment He stepped into the booth at age 12, Daveed 'Lean' Ramsay has been persistent in his pace. The journey has been a rollercoaster of, hard work, heartbreak, success and struggle. All of these experiences make you who you are. How can you put emotion into your music and writing if you have never had to deal with a problem or setback in your life? Emotion, feeling, passion, respect, realness & honesty mean everything when it comes to writing music and rapping, which he reflects deeply in his work. With all of these qualities, in addition to being blessed with an abundance of natural talent, constant hard work, determination, and family and friends support Lean will be the leader of the new school.
With the music industry at an all time drought in originality and creativity 20 year old Lean Brooklyn’s native; rapper/actor is leading the way with his clever and catchy lyrics, enchanting and charismatic personality, and devoted sense of craft. Lean is highly influenced by musical powerhouses such as Jay-z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, LL Cool J, Kanye West, and Andre 3000 just to name a few.

As far as His acting career Lean has done many jobs. He has been in football and Dominos commercial, TV shows Sopranos and Ugly Betty on cable television, and movies such as 50 cent Get Rich or Die Tryn, Tenure starring Luke Wilson, and his biggest role to date is in Cost of a Soul which will be coming to a theatre near you very soon.
His ability to stand on his own is evident by his popular songs 'Shake Shake', and 'Motion Picture'. Lean is currently working on his new mix tape titled “1990 something” which he is really opening up and relating to his audience Lean is a natural-born star on the rise to new heights.“I have wasted so much time, trying to satisfy everybody’s need and proving myself to everyone. I finally found my comfort zone I am comfortable in my own skin, any song I create is solely reflective of me and my character. I’m making music for me now, I dress for me, I speak for me, and I make every effort to be a unique individual.”-thekidlean. We can all see the potential lean will and already has had among his fans; all that is left is to sit back and watch the fireworks as the future becomes the present.

Mixtape: “That Guy”
Download it here:

Download the single-
Motion Picture”

Future Projects:
Mixtape dropping in april – “1990 Something”
Also keep an eye out for the new coming film sometime in 2011!

Contact Links:

For Booking or other Business Matters, Contact:

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