Chance - The Definition of Real Music

Who Is Chance? 

What is your stage name and what is the story behind it? 
Chance, Because Its My Name Lol.

What inspires you with your music? 
Life. Life Is My Inspiration. I Write About What Im Going Thru Or Been Thru. Life Is The Ultimate Source Of Inspiration.

Do you write your own music? Or do you have a team?
Of Course I Do. No One Can Tell My Life Better Than Me, Every Artist Should Write Their Own Songs. If They Do Im Sure They Wont Admit To A Ghost Writer

When you were younger what did you say you had wanted to be?
I Always Wanted To Be A Entertainer, I Use To Perform For My Mom N Dad With A Red Jacket And White Glove. I Thought I Was Michael Jackson

Is there anyone you would like to do work with in the future?
Id Like To Work With Ppl Like Eminem, Joe Budden, LL, R.Kelly, Enrique Iglesia

What do you want people to remember about you based on your music?
That I Always Did And Tried To Keep It Real At All Times. I Make Music To Relate To Ppl. Get Them Thru Their Most Difficult Moments.

What are the benefits about being a musician?
I Get To Tell A Story With Beautiful Beats, And I Get To Share It With Everyone , No Matter What State, Country , Sex, Age, Color. I Have The Chance With Helping Someone Get Thru A Tough Situation In Their Life. I Might Be The Reason They Said You Know What Its Going To Be Alright. He Went Thru That , I Know I Can, I Can Inspire The Youth.

Before a performance, what do you do to prepare yourself?
Honestly Haven't Done Many Yet. When I Do I Go Over My Lyrics Over n Over. Go On Stage Look At My Environment, Hit The Bar, Vodka Redbull, n Then It's Showtime. 

What's your favorite hook from one of your songs?
From My New Cd Pain N Music 2 Music Is Still My Therapy. My Outro Called "Im Better Than"  

"I Been Around The World You Can Go And Tell A Friend/ Pussy Nigga Suck My Dick Thinking That I Wouldn' t Win/ I Knew That I Would Shine Im Better Than I've Ever Been/ I Knew The Man I'd Be And Baby Girl Now Im Him."  That Was Just Simply  For All The Haters And Doubters I've Ever Had. Meaning I Told Yall I'd Be Here One Day , Despite Your Hating And Your Negativity I Made It. Tv Shows , Movies, Magazines, Itunes. I Made It.

what are your top 3 songs on your ipod? 
Besides Mine And My Rmg Crew. 1. Dear Mama-Tupac, 2. I Am-Eminem 3. Bump n Grind Remix- R.Kelly 

Who were your greatest influences musically?
1. Foremost Tupac. Only Reason I Started Writing Poetry And Making Music Was Because Of The Greatest Rapper Of All Time.He Kept It Real. Their Was No Song Or Musical Content Pac Couldn't Do Or Touch. 2. Pun, He Was The Illest Spanish Guy To Do It. People Didnt Notice Color Wit Pun. They Were Like Your Man Gets Busy. 3. LL Cool J, Ladies Love Him, Dudes Didnt Want To Battle Him, And He Made Hits. Always Reinvented Himself. 

When it comes to the whole aspect of the music industry, what gives you that drive to make music & want to pursure further?
The State The Games In Now. It's No Disrespect To The Ones Doing It. But The Game Doesn't Have Substance Anymore. The Way It Did With The Pacs, Pun's, Big's , Big L's , Eminem's , Ll Cool J's. Rakim. Before You'd Play A Song And Have To Rewind It. Be Like What Did He Say. O Shit. That Was Crazy. Now You Hear A Song All You Can Say Is Damn That's A Dope Beat. You Still Have People Like Jay, Em, Joe Budden, That Make You Say Wow, Sometimes Kanye And Wayne, Then New Spitters Are Dope Like J.Cole, Cory Gunz, Drake.

Of your songs, is there any you can or have personally related to and if so, how so?
Once Again Off My New Cd. Track Called I Remember. It's About The Strain Relationship I Had With My Father. We Didn't Talk For Over Five Years. I Made The Song, Shot The Video, And Somehow He Saw The Video, Picked Up The Phone And Apologized. We Saw Each Other And Have Been Rebuilding Our Relationship Ever Since. Music Is Power. Although I Want My Songs To Have That Effect On My Listeners Lives, It Helped Me With Mine.

Do you have any current projects in the works as far as music is concerned?
I Just Released Pain N Music 2 Music Is Still My Therapy . Working With My Team(Brothers) Rmg. On Their New Projects, Maybe Another Crew Mixtape. Also Already Working On My New Material For My Next Project Titled I Am More Than Music. After That I Will Be Introducing My Crew Off My Label Drill Team Ent. My Artists Bunni And Nu Breed.

What would be a piece of advice you would give to someone who is looking to start their career in music?
Never Give Up. You'll Have Hundreds Hate, Thousands Criticize , Millions Want You To Fail. Believe In Yourself. Every Artists Says It. It's The Truth If I Did It I Know You Can.

Being on TV, how did that effect you as an entertainer?
It Opened My Audience. Gave Me More People To Reach. Gave Me More Stories To Tell. Gave Me Better Contacts And Relationships.

Do you think in the future there will be more of acting for you?
I Know So. Actors Have My Up Most Respect. They Get To Step Outside The Box, Portray A Character So Outside Of Their Own. Tell A Story With  Emotions And Expressions. I'd Love To Play The Perfect Role.

What would be the ultimate role you would be able to play if you had the chance?
Hard To Say. Someone Completely Opposite Of Me. Someone Shy, Humble, Not Afraid To Cry In Front Of People. A Character Like Matt Damon Played In Good Will Hunting. 

If you were to win some sort of reward, who would you thank?
First God, All Things Are Possible With Him And Nothing Without Him, Second My Mom. She's Always Been There. She Was My Super Hero. She Taught Me Theirs No Such Word As I Cant. Third My Uncle n Aunt. They Took Me In When I Was Lost, They Changed Me , Help Me Find The Man I Am Today. Next My Sister Betina n Brother Louie. Along With Other Family. Also My New Brothers Rmg. They've Always Kept Me Who I Am , In Check. My Father. His Absence Made Me Strive To Be Better . Gave Me The Drive To Want The World. The Hate I Had For Him At That Time Drove Me To Wanting To Be Successful. Lastly The Fans Supporters . I Do It For Them. And They Love Me For It.

If your name became mainstream, whether music or t.v., would much change about you?
Nah. Besides My Bank Account Nothing. I'm Me. I'll Always Be Cocky Arrogant A Dick , But Loving Emotional And Want The Best For My Family And Friends. I Want To Do Charities Help The Homeless, Unfortunate , Kids With Cancer, Autism , Dogs In Shelters. I Want To Be A Positive Role Model.

what kind of impact do you hope your music will leave on fans & remember for years to come? 
That If I Did It They Can. You Can Be Yourself . Keep It Real . Try Hard And Be Successful. That Chasing Your Dream Can Be Achieved.

is there any quote or saying, that you live by or you feel that inspires you?
My Mom Says Theirs No Such Word As You Can't. I Say If You Never Had A Dream To Chase You'd Never Get Out Of Bed To Wanting To Achieve It. 

what would be 3 words used to describe yourself?
I Need Four. Real, Cocky, Loving, Emotional

any last words you would like to leave in closing of this interview?
I Want To Thank You For The Interview. I'd Like to Thank All My Fans, Supporters For Wanting Me To Do Good And Win, And Staying On The Ride To Seeing It Come To Life. I'd Like To Thank My Haters, You Inspire Me To Be Better And Doing Great. I Love Seeing That Look Of Disappointment When I Prove You Wrong. My Family For Believing In Me. My Rmg Dte Crew We All Family Now. Love Is Love                                                      Chance 

I want to thank you so much for your time! 
Krucial Conceptz is proud to have you as a friend and work with you
one on one. We hope great success for you in the future! 
From our team to yours - MUCH RESPECT AND LOVE!!
-Starr, CEO of Krucial Conceptz

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